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2015 Vegetarian Video Scholarship Contest Announced

The Vegetarian Resource Group announced that $1,000 in prizes consisting of four $250 awards will be granted to the winners of our 2015 Video Scholarship Contest.

Entrants must create and submit a video that educates others on a vegetarian and/or vegan lifestyle. Possible topics include: nutrition, environmental benefits, animal rights, or any other topic that appeals to you. All videos should be positive and educational and not include any footage of animal cruelty. Videos will be judged on accuracy, and possible appeal to online audiences. By submitting a video, entrants give permission to The Vegetarian Resource Group to post, share, and link to and from the video. Good Luck!

For application information, visit: Deadline for applications is July 15, 2015.

2014 winners included:

  • Taylor Koch uses talking fruits and vegetables to lead her on a time traveling journey throughout the earth. While on this journey Taylor’s fruits and vegetables inform the audience of environmental and economic impacts a vegetarian diet can lead to.
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  • Jerry Fu whose initial inspiration to become a vegetarian was to lose weight, uses witty remarks to portray that a vegetarian lifestyle provides better food and a better lifestyle. He does this all while informing the audience of the effects eating meat can take on one’s body, as well as providing vegetarian alternatives such as tofu, beans, soymilk, and peanut butter.
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  • Josie Repacz uses a heart-to-heart video to explain her story as to why she became a vegan, along with perceived obstacles that aren’t an issue. Her story is very relatable and genuine and provides a comic twist to keep the audience entertained.
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  • Prerana Pai provides an exciting take on education. Her video consists of a small introduction and a series of medleys from childhood favorites. Characters such as Minnie Mouse, Popeye, and the Joker inform the audience about the positive influences vegetarians can have, all while singing and dancing.
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To view our past video contest winners, visit:
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The Vegetarian Resource Group also awards college scholarships to graduating high school seniors each year. To view our $20,000 in college scholarships for high school seniors promoting vegetarianism, visit:
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