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VRG-NEWS: The Vegetarian Resource Group Newsletter
Editor: Davida Gypsy Breier
Volume 4, Issue 12
December 2000


  1. Notes from the Editor
  2. New Vegetarian and Vegan Products
  3. We Need Your Help
  4. Books from Our Catalog and A Special Offer for VRG-News Readers
  5. Free Sample from Edward and Sons
  6. Recipe of the Month: Spicy Potatoes, Cabbage and Peas Over Rice
  7. January / February 2001 Vegetarian Journal Preview
  8. New College-level Online Course on Vegetarianism
  9. Job Openings at VRG
  10. Upcoming Vegetarian Events and Conference
  11. About the Vegetarian Resource Group
  12. About VRG-News


Good news for vegans - WholeSoy yogurt has changed their culture medium from whey to soy protein. There is a mixture of old and new formulations on the market, and the new 100% dairy-free yogurt has a clear plastic inner seal, not an aluminum inner heat seal. Additionally, all WholeSoy products are made with organic soybeans, evaporated cane juice, and are non-GMO.

Barbara Cantor of the Anne Arundel Vegetarian Society e-mailed me to tell us about a little known Safeway Supermarkets promotion. Safeway advertises a 20% off meat coupon on their brown bags. She contacted the chain in Arizona and they said that the 20% off promotion extends to meat substitutes as well. Some stores may be unaware of this, so encourage them to get in touch with the corporate office and make this offer more accessible to their vegetarian customers.


A few months ago I learned of these hand-made journals. Owner Paul Mone said that he had been unable to find anything similar to what he wanted so he made his own. They are inexpensive at $10. For more information go to: http://www.sysx.net/cgi-bin/thatsanorder_LE.

Dr. Martens shoes will be expanding their range of vegetarian shoes. They will be offering a new 2056 Classic Mary Jane, in burgundy, brown, and royal blue; the classic 1460 boot in red, green, and purple and the Classic 1461 oxford. The new styles and colors will be available in October 2001.

Fast Company, offers Kevlar reinforced jeans for motorcycle riders. These denim jeans have withstood crash and dragging tests. For more information go to http://www.dragginjeans.com.

Jake's Naturals, a new natural foods company has recently introduced a new vegetarian jerky. Jake's Authentic Smokehouse Vegetarian Jerky is made from organic ingredients and is vegan. For more information go to http://www.jakesjerky.cc.


As a non-profit organization, we rely on individual support and assistance to achieve our educational mission. In this giving season, please consider helping with our various outreach efforts. We are currently trying to gather support to attend the 2001 National Restaurant Association Annual Meeting. This past year we were able to attend because a booth was generously donated to us. We were able to do a tremendous amount of outreach and reached thousands of food service professionals. The total cost of attending a show such as this is approximately $6,000. For more information on the NRA show and how to help please go to http://www.vrg.org/donation/nra.htm. For more information on donating to VRG and to access our secure donation page, please visit http://www.vrg.org/donation/donation.htm

Additional ways to support VRG include patronizing TheVegetarianSite.com in December. TheVegetarianSite will be donating 10% of every purchase for the month of December to The Vegetarian Resource Group. Go to http://www.thevegetariansite.com to start exploring their all-vegetarian catalog of clothes, shoes, personal care items, and books.

Please remember VRG in matching gifts at work, United Way, and federal employee (CFC) campaigns.


We recently created a holiday gift package catalog. These special offers are primarily available to our web visitors. Categories include Kids, The Vegetarian Family, Chanukah, International, New Vegetarians, New Vegans, Travelers, Gourmet Dining, Food Service, Animal Lovers, and Just For Fun. Several of the packages offer considerable savings or even a free book, as well as FREE UPS/FED EX GROUND shipping AND free optional gift-wrapping! To browse the selections go to: http://www.vrg.org/catalog/holiday.htm.

**** SPECIAL offer for VRG-News readers ****

***********FREE BOOK***********
This month, if you order a copy of Meatless Meals for Working People, you will get a FREE copy of Vegetarian Journal Reports.

There are over 100 quick and easy recipes in Meatless Meals for Working People. There is also information on convenience foods, fast food restaurant information, and party ideas. To read more about the book go to: http://www.vrg.org/catalog/meatless.htm.

Vegetarian Journal Reports offers reprints from past issues of Vegetarian Journal. Articles include "Vegetarian Weight Loss Guide," "Vegetarian Athlete," "Egg Replacers, Sugar Substitutes, and Dairy Substitutes," and more. There are even meal plans, Indian and eggless recipes, and information for diabetics.

You will get a combined value of $22 for just $12 and that even includes shipping (US only). This offer expires December 31, 2000.

***********FREE BOOK***********

To order online using our SECURE order form go to:
https://skyport.net/vrg/order.htm. You will need to mention in the "additional notes" field if you will need the book(s) sent via FED EX GROUND/UPS (1-6 days, $3 additional) and that this is the VRG-NEWS MEATLESS MEALS OFFER. Special standard shipping requires 1-6 weeks. Orders over $25 are automatically sent via FED EX GROUND/UPS (US orders only) without additional shipping charges. The cost of shipping for international orders varies, so please contact us at vrg@vrg.org if you are outside the US.

If you would like to order over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard, call us at (410) 366-8343 M-F 9 am to 5 pm EST. You can also mail a check to The Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203. Please e-mail us at vrg@vrg.org if you have any questions.


Edward and Sons, one of the first participants in the VRG-News Sample Project, is offering a new sample. They are offering samples of their Organic Country Bouillon Cubes. The bouillon cubes are made without hydrogenated oils and MSG, and are all organic. They come in Vegetable Harvest and Herb Medley flavors.

I've tried them and I'm impressed with the flavor. I've added a little tofu to the broth for a quick and easy lunch. They are offering one of each variety to all respondents. There is no deadline.

For a sample, send a request to Alison at edwardsons@aol.com. Please be sure to include your mailing address.

For more information about their other delicious vegan products contact:
Edwards & Sons
PO Box 1326
Carpinteria, CA 93014
(805) 684-8500


This recipe originally appeared in Simply Vegan by Debra Wasserman and Reed Mangels, PhD, RD.
Serves 4

2 cups rice
4 cups water
5 medium potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
2 cups water
1/2 green cabbage
10 ounce box of frozen peas (or equivalent fresh)
2 teaspoons curry powder
1 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon each ginger and garlic powder
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
salt to taste (optional)

Cook rice in 4 cups of water in a cover pot over medium-high heat until done.

In a separate frying pan, add sliced potatoes to 2 cups of water and heat over medium-high heat. Shred cabbage and add to potatoes. Add peas and spices to mixture. Continue heating in covered pan, stirring occasionally, until potatoes are tender. Serve over cooked rice.

Total calories per serving: 547
Fat: 1 gram
Protein: 13 grams
Carbohydrates: 121 grams
Iron: 5 mg
Calcium: 93 mg
Sodium: 86 mg
Dietary Fiber: 9 gm

There are over 160 vegan recipes featured in Simply Vegan. There is also an extensive section on vegan nutrition, sample menus, and product information. If you are interested in learning more quick and easy recipes, you can order a copy of Simply Vegan on our website at https://skyport.net/vrg/order.htm or call (410) 366-8343 to order over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard. The $13 price includes special standard shipping (US only). The cost of shipping for international orders varies, so please contact us at vrg@vrg.org if you are outside the US.


The January / February 2000 Vegetarian Journal articles include:

Using the Ol' Bean, by Nancy Berkoff
Make Your Own Skin Care Products, by Demetria Clark
Report on the FMI Show 2000, by Jim Dunn
Andalusia - Spain's Tapa Heaven, by Habeeb Salloum
Essay Contest Winners
Party Snacks and Finger Foods, by Sally Bernstein


Notes from the Coordinators
Product Reviews: Guide to Non-Dairy "Milks"
Vegetarian Action: Movie, Kids, and Vegetarianism
Nutrition Hotline: The relationship between soy products and menopause, and feeding vegan snacks to a class of preschoolers
Notes from the Scientific Department: Roper Poll on the Number of Teen Vegetarians
Scientific Update
Veggie Bits
Book Reviews and more...

Read excerpts from back issues online at: http://www.vrg.org/journal/

The Journal features informational and recipe articles, product and book reviews, news for vegetarian activists, and up-to-date information about vegetarian health and nutrition. If you are not currently a subscriber to the Vegetarian Journal, why not subscribe today?

Subscriptions to Vegetarian Journal are $20/year in the US (please inquire for subscription rates outside the US). Accepted forms of payment, all in US funds, are Visa, MasterCard, checks drawn on US banks, and postal money orders. When joining, please send us your name, address, phone number, and e- mail address. If paying by credit card please include the card number and expiration date.

If you join online at http://www.vrg.org/journal/subscribe.htm for $30 or more, you will receive a FREE copy of the Vegan Handbook, a $20 value! (US addresses only)

If you choose to join by mail, subscriptions should be directed to:
The Vegetarian Resource Group
PO Box 1463
Dept. IN
Baltimore, MD 21203
Phone: (410) 366-8343
Fax: (410) 366-8804
E-mail: vrg@vrg.org


New college-level online course on vegetarianism, taught by Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD. Originally designed as an advanced nutrition class for culinary students, the course has been expanded to include topics of interest for everyone interested in food, health, small business, and vegetarianism. Consumers can learn more about vegetarian cooking; institutional food service staff and managers can expand their knowledge about new products and cooking styles, and restaurateurs will certainly be better able to please their vegan diners. Topics will include types of vegetarians, recipe and menu design, careers in vegetarian food services, ethnic cuisines, ingredient selection, vegetarian nutrition and health trends, and vegetarian business topics. College credit is optional and the course is open to the public. The cost for the course is $100 ($90 for VRG members). There is an additional cost to receive college credit. For more information online go to http://www.vrg.org/berkoff/introduction.htm or call (410) 366-8343.


P/T, but could be combined with another position for a full time job. Help to keep computer software/hardware/network up to date and running smoothly. Familiarity with networking and software/hardware support experience helpful. Must be a problem solver and enjoy troubleshooting computer issues. Send resume and cover letter to VRG, Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.

VRG seeks Jack or Jill of all trades knowledgeable in vegetarianism to process memberships/subscriptions, answer phone, talk to the media, and more. Must be comfortable with detail work, computers, flexibility, planning, and improving systems. Includes health and dental insurance. Send resume and cover letter to VRG, Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203 or e-mail vrg@vrg.org.


1st Annual Southeastern Compassion for Animals Action Symposium

On Saturday and Sunday February 24-25 the 1st Annual Southeastern Compassion for Animals Action Symposium will take place in Gainesville, FL. There will be experts on animal ethics, factory farming, wildlife, vegetarian nutrition, and more.

Speakers (scheduled thus far):

Don Barnes, Animal Protection Institute / San Antonio Voice for Animals
Gene Bauston, Farm Sanctuary
Dawn Carr, PETA
George Eisman, Assc. of Veg. Dietitians and Nutrition Educators
David Hoch, Law Professor, Univ. of Fla.
Suzanne Havala, M.S., R.D., Vegetarian Resource Group Nutrition Consultant
Holly Jensen, Florida Wildlife
Jim Mason, Author, "An Unnatural Order" and co-author of "Animal Factories"
Susan McCullom, Earthkind, Miami Chapter of EarthSave
Wayne Pacelle, HSUS
Lt. Sherry Schlueter, Broward County Sheriff's Dept. Animal Abuse Unit
Plus: Representatives from ARFF and Vegetarian Events

Register early for best rates; limited registration available. All meals served will be vegan and organic.

For more information contact:
Vegetarian Events
PO Box 1057
Alachua , Fl 32616
Call Chas at 904-454-4341 or email chasmo@netcommander.com


Our health professionals, activists, and educators work with businesses and individuals to bring about healthy changes in your school, workplace, and community. Registered dietitians and physicians aid in the development of nutrition-related publications and answer member and media questions about vegetarian diets. The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization. Financial support comes primarily from memberships, donations, and book sales. The Vegetarian Journal, a bi-monthly print magazine, is a benefit of membership in The VRG. (For more information, please see the "November/December 2000 Vegetarian Journal Online" above or back issues online at http://www.vrg.org/journal/.)

If you would like to make a donation, become a member, or find out more about The VRG, contact us at: The Vegetarian Resource Group PO Box 1463 Baltimore, MD 21203 Phone: (410) 366-8343 Fax: (410) 366-8804 E-mail: vrg@vrg.org Website: www.vrg.org


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If you are a new subscriber, you might enjoy reading past issues of VRG-News online at http://www.vrg.org/vrgnews/index.htm.

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