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VRG-NEWS: The Vegetarian Resource Group Newsletter
Editor: Davida Gypsy Breier
Volume 4, Issue 10
October 2000


  1. Notes from the Editor
  2. New Vegetarian and Vegan Products
  3. Audrey Fluke Vegetarian Award
  4. Holiday Gift Packages Available and A Special Offer for VRG-News Readers
  5. Veg*n Businesses Referral Network
  6. Recipe of the Month: Corn Bread
  7. November/December 2000 Vegetarian Journal Preview
  8. Vegetarianism and Religion
  9. Job Openings at VRG
  10. Upcoming Vegetarian Events and Conferences
  11. About the Vegetarian Resource Group
  12. About VRG-News



It is going to be a hectic month. I was part of the vegetarian panel at the Friends of Animals conference on "Animals, Nature, and the New Millennium" in New York City the first weekend of October. In the middle of the month VRG will be exhibiting at the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Annual Session in Baltimore, MD. Many of the attendees are 4-H leaders. I will be presenting a seminar on the basics of vegetarianism, so please stop by the booth or seminar if you are planning on attending. Charles Stahler, Debra Wasserman, and Suzanne Havala, MS, RD will be traveling to Denver, Colorado for the annual American Dietetic Association Meeting. VRG will be exhibiting, so if you are there drop by and say hello. While in Denver, VRG will also be holding a vegan dinner at the Mercury Café on Monday October 16th. The dinner is open to dietitians attending ADA annual meeting, VRG members, and the general public, and the deadline for reservations is October 5th.

If you are local to the Baltimore area, don't forget to attend Debra Wasserman's quick and easy vegetarian cooking demonstration at Fresh Fields in Mount Washington, Baltimore on November 4th, 2000.

Please remember VRG in matching gifts at work, United Way, and federal employee (CFC) campaigns. You can read more about donating to VRG at: www.vrg.org/donation/donation.htm.


I spent the weekend of September 22-24 walking the massive floors of the Natural Products Expo. I sampled from a wide array of new foods and products and also revisited some current favorites, which I had first learned of last year.

The folks with Heartland Fields were not only very friendly, they also had some delicious soy-based products. I tried their soy barbecue, which was very tasty. They also produce soy steak strips, made with organic textured soy protein. The products are both vegan and the soy steak strips are also gluten-free, offering an alternative to seitan products for those with wheat allergies http://www.heartlandfields.com.

Putney Pasta has several vegan products, including soy ravioli, potato gnocchi, black bean and habanero Pepper ravioli, porcini and roasted garlic gnocchi, and sweet potato gnocchi. They also have family and food service sizes available and several colleges are using their products (for info: sales@putneypasta.com).

Personal favorites from the samples offered included Aura Cacia lavender bath salts, which impart a fantastic fragrance http://www.auracacia.com. I kept dropping by the Santa Barbara Olives booth, with their ample bowls of olives stuffed with everything from almonds to garlic to jalapeño. Their products approach nirvana for the olive lover http://www.sbolive.com. Chili Today, Hot Tamale had some kettle style chips flavored with cracked pepper and balsamic vinegar that I'll be keeping my eye out for. I was never fond of yogurt, but I really enjoyed the samples of White Wave's Silk soy yogurt I tried http://www.whitewave.com. Loco Soda has created a lime based soda with added chili extract http://www.locosoda.com. Sweet Organics was passing out small packages of organic cinnamon twists. I was dubious, but these puffed pastry snacks made with corn, wheat, and soy were quite good.

Sunergia Soyfoods now has an even wider variety of flavored tofu and soy "sausages." The new tofu line includes Indian Masala, Peanut Ginger, Soy of the Sea (with seaweed), and Spinach jalapeño, which join their existing flavors of Porcini Herb, Italian Herb, Savory Portabella, and Garlic Shiitake. They use organic soybeans that are non-gmo. Their soy sausages come in Spicy Italian, Chorizo, Smoked Portabella, Breakfast Style, and Mild Italian http://www.sunergiasoyfoods.com.

I didn't get a chance to try them, but several staff members and friends enjoyed the jerky from Vegi Deli. One person commented that it was much tougher and chewier than other vegetarian jerky he sampled http://www.vegideli.com. I talked to two vegan winemakers, Frey Vineyards http://www.freywine.com/ and LaRocca Vineyards http://www.laroccavineyards.com/. Road's End Organics, makers of Macaroni and Chreese, are planning on introducing a vegan "cheese" dip http://www.chreese.com/.

One product I noticed that appeared vegetarian at first glance, but most definitely was not was Midwest Harvest's Bratos, a tofu and pork mixture. They have several other vegetarian soy-based products, but be sure to read the label on this one!

There were so many new products, that I'll have to continue this in the next issue!


The Vegetarian Resource Group will give an annual award to a person who promotes vegetarian diets in a cheerful way and gives encouragement to others. First prize for 2000 is a $100 savings bond.

To nominate an individual, send your name and address, the nominee's name and address, and a letter detailing how he/she has earned this honor. The deadline for nominations is November 30 of each year. Send your selection to Audrey Fluke Vegetarian Award, The Vegetarian Resource Group, P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203. Or e-mail to . Nomination letters become property of The Vegetarian Resource Group.

In 1982, Audrey Fluke was one of five founding members of The Vegetarian Resource Group, which has grown to an organization of over 17,000 supporters. In her earlier years, Ms. Fluke had been active in the British vegetarian movement. Audrey was a nurse. It's no surprise that she chose this profession. She was an extremely caring individual, always offering words of support. Even when Audrey was going through adversity, she was cheerful and encouraging of others. In honor of Audrey Fluke, The Vegetarian Resource Group will give an annual award to a person who helped others become vegetarian through encouragement and a positive demeanor.


We recently created our first holiday gift package catalog. These special offers are primarily available to our web visitors. Categories include Kids, The Vegetarian Family, Chanukah, International, New Vegetarians, New Vegans, Travelers, Gourmet Dining, Food Service, Animal Lovers, and Just For Fun. Several of the packages offer considerable savings or even a free book, as well as FREE UPS/RPS shipping AND free optional gift wrapping! To browse the selections go to: http://www.vrg.org/catalog/holiday.htm.

These are two of the Gift Package offers:

"Food Service Special JUST $30"
Vegan In Volume ($20)
By Chef Nancy Berkoff, R.D.
Includes 125 great tasting and unique vegan quantity recipes. Chef Berkoff also offers a fast course in vegan nutrition as well as ideas for breakfast buffets, senior menus, and cooking for kids. (272 pgs.) One Year of Vegetarian Journal and One Year Foodservice Update ($30).  Foodservice Update is a quarterly newsletter devoted to food service. It is edited by Chef Nancy Berkoff, Ed.D., R.D. and Debra Wasserman. You get a free copy of Vegan In Volume in addition to free shipping!

"Just For Fun JUST $16"
Cookin' Southern Vegetarian Style ($13)
Dishes like "Johnny Reb Dirty Rice," "Frogmore Gumbo," "City 'Chicken' Legs," and "Black-Eyed Peas and 'Fatback'" are usually vegetarian anathema, but in this instance all are vegan. Additional recipes include Half Moon Pies, Tofu 'Fish' Sandwiches with Tarter Sauce, Jambalaya, Billy Bob's Hors d'Oeurves, and Company's Comin' Cheeze Puffs. Chapters include East Tennessee Favorites, Cookouts, and Trailer Park Specials.
2 Be Kind to Animals Don't Eat Them MAGNETS ($1)
2 BUMPERSTICKERS ($2) 'Be Kind to Animals Don't Eat Them' and 'Vegetarians are Sprouting Up All Over'
10 Assorted Recipe POSTCARDS ($2)

**** SPECIAL offer for VRG-News readers ****

We currently have about 55 slightly damaged copies of Meatless Meals for Working People available for $6 each. The damage is extremely minimal, mostly just scratches on the spines caused in transport. Meatless Meals for Working People normally sells for $12. To read more about the book go to: http://www.vrg.org/catalog/meatless.htm. To order please follow the instructions below. However you chose to order, mention this is the "VRG- News of MEATLESS MEALS" special offer to receive your discounted price. The $6 price even includes special standard shipping. Offer expires October 31, 2000.

**** SPECIAL offer for VRG-News readers ****

To order online using our SECURE order form go to:
https://skyport.net/vrg/order.htm. You will need to mention in the "additional notes" field if you will need the book(s) sent via RPS/UPS (1-6 days, $3 additional). Special standard shipping requires 1-6 weeks. Orders over $25 are automatically sent via RPS/UPS (US orders only) without additional shipping charges. The cost of shipping for international orders varies, so please contact us at vrg@vrg.org if you are outside the US.

If you would like to order over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard, call us at (410) 366-8343 M-F 9 am to 5 pm EST. You can also mail a check to The Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203. Please e-mail us at vrg@vrg.org if you have any questions.


While at the Natural Products Expo, I met Jeanine Taylor, owner of Snooty Jewelry. She told me about a project she started on her website that I think is a great idea - she's created a network of vegetarian and vegan professionals and service providers. If you are looking to hire a veg*n plumber, lawyer, web designer, or groomer, this is an excellent place to start looking. If you are a veg*n who has skills to offer, you can submit a form to be listed.

To view the providers go to: http://www.snootyjewelry.com/referral.htm To submit your information go to: http://www.snootyjewelry.com/referral_form.htm


This recipe originally appeared in Simply Vegan
by Debra Wasserman and Reed Mangels, PhD, RD.

1 cup cornmeal
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 cup oil
1 cup soy milk
1/3 cup molasses or maple syrup

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix ingredients together in bowl. Pour batter into lightly oiled 8 inch round pan. Bake for 20 minutes.

Variation: Prepare same batter; however, pour batter into lightly oiled muffin tins and bake at the same temperature for the same amount of time. Children will especially enjoy these muffins.

Total calories per serving: 299
Fat: 11 grams
Protein: 6 grams
Carbohydrates: 46 grams
Iron: 3 mg
Calcium: 161 mg
Sodium: 29 mg
Dietary Fiber: 2 gm

There are over 160 vegan recipes featured in Simply Vegan http://www.vrg.org/catalog/simplyvegan.htm. There is also an extensive section on vegan nutrition, sample menus, and product information. If you are interested in learning more quick and easy recipes, you can order a copy of Simply Vegan on our website at https://skyport.net/vrg/order.htm or call (410) 366-8343 to order over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard. The cost of shipping for international orders varies, so please contact us at vrg@vrg.org if you are outside the US.


The November / December 2000 Vegetarian Journal articles include:

Warm Winter Salads by Debra Daniels-Zeller
The Ethiopian Fast Lane by Larry Litt
Crazy About Cranberries by Debra Daniels-Zeller
Going Veggie - Aloha Style by Ruth Heidrich
The Vegetarian Cinophile by Emanuel Goldman
A Vegan Parisian Travelogue by Katherine Ludwig Moses

Nutrition Hotline: Diagnosing anemia, and the amount of caffeine present in chocolate and coffee
Notes from the Coordinators
Scientific Update
Product Reviews: Guide to Vegan Cheeses, Yogurt, and other Non-Dairy Product ALternatives
Veggie Bits
Vegetarian Action: Spread the Word through Vegetarian Displays
Book Reviews and more...

Read excerpts from back issues online at: http://www.vrg.org/journal/

The Journal features informational and recipe articles, product and book reviews, news for vegetarian activists, and up-to-date information about vegetarian health and nutrition. If you are not currently a subscriber to the Vegetarian Journal, why not subscribe today?

Subscriptions to Vegetarian Journal are $20/year in the US (please inquire for subscription rates outside the US). Accepted forms of payment, all in US funds, are Visa, MasterCard, checks drawn on US banks, and postal money orders. When joining, please send us your name, address, phone number, and e- mail address. If paying by credit card please include the card number and expiration date.

If you join online at http://www.vrg.org/journal/subscribe.htm for $30 or more, you will receive a FREE copy of the Vegan Handbook, a $20 value! (US addresses only)

If you choose to join by mail, subscriptions should be directed to:
The Vegetarian Resource Group
PO Box 1463
Dept. IN
Baltimore, MD 21203
Phone: (410) 366-8343
Fax: (410) 366-8804
E-mail: vrg@vrg.org


We receive occasional inquiries about religion and vegetarianism. A recent publication and new website offer Christian and Jewish perspectives. The Christian Vegetarian Association has created a pamphlet titled, "Answers to Questions about Vegetarianism for Christians." One copy is available free of charge and bulk orders are accepted. For more information visit http://veg.faithweb.com or write PO Box 201791, Cleveland, OH 44120.

Dr. Richard Schwartz has created a website that covers issues concerning Judaism and vegetarianism. There are simple fact sheets, a FAQ, recipes, links to more indepth articles, and an online course. To lean more go to: http://jewishveg.vegsource.com/.

For more information about vegetarianism and religion, please visit the many articles and links on the International Vegetarian Union website at: http://www.ivu.org/religion/.


VRG is searching for a nutrition professional, RD preferred, who is very knowledgeable about vegetarian diets and with a strong science background to research and write articles/books; answer media, consumer, and professional questions; and be a liaison with other groups. The job is in Baltimore, Maryland. Please send resume, cover letter, and writing samples to: The Vegetarian Resource Group, P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.

P/T, but could be combined with another position for a full time job. Help to keep computer software/hardware/network up to date and running smoothly. Familiarity with networking and software/hardware support experience helpful. Must be a problem solver and enjoy troubleshooting computer issues. Send resume and cover letter to VRG, Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.


15th Annual Compassionate Living Festival

The 15th Annual Compassionate Living Festival will be held October 6-8, 2000 in Raleigh, North Carolina. VRG Nutrition Advisor, Suzanne Havala will be among the speakers, who also include Adele Wilcox, Steven Wise, Matt Ouellett, Ron Coranado, Joan Dunayer, Tom Regan, Heidi Prescott, Richard Jaffe, Jenny Stein, and James LaVeck.
For more information contact:
The Culture & Animals Foundation
3509 Eden Croft Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: (919) 782-3739
Fax: (919) 782-6464
Web: http://www.cultureandanimals.org


Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary Open House

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, located in Poolesville, MD, will be holding an Open House and Fundraiser on October 8, 1-4 p.m. John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, will be speaking from approx. 2:00 - 2:45 p.m. They will also be having free vegan food, a silent auction, and an opportunity to meet the more than 200 rescued animals who reside at Poplar Spring, a 400 acre farm animal sanctuary. For more information call (301) 428-8128 or email psanimal@erols.com.


VegFest DC 2000

The Vegetarian Society of DC (VSDC) and American University Animal Rights Effort (AUARE) are sponsoring VegFest DC 2000. It will take place Saturday October 14, 2000 from 10am to 8pm at American University's Ward Circle Building (located at Nebraska and Massachusetts Aves NW). Admission is free, but donations are appreciated. There will be tasty food, nutrition experts, workshops, cooking demonstrations, door prizes, and more. For more details call VSDC at (202) 362-VEGY (8349) or visit the website at http://www.vsdc.org. VRG's Jeannie McStay will be tabling at this event.


Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

The Fifth Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival will be held Saturday, October 14, 2000 from 10 am - 6 pm at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center (1350 Tremont Street). Features include: free food sampling, grocery and natural foods store exhibits, food manufacturers and produce exhibits, cooking demonstrations by noted chefs, speakers, educational exhibits, children's activities, and more. Dina Aronson, RD and Dan Aronson will have a booth for VRG at the Festival.

For more information visit the website at: http://www.bostonveg.org/foodfest/ or e-mail foodfest-request@mit.edu.


Lone Star Vegetarian Chili Cook Off

The 12th Annual Lone Star Vegetarian Chili Cook-Off is being sponsored by the Vegetarian Society of Houston. The event is scheduled for October 15, 2000 and it is just $5 to sample the wide array of chili sin carne. There will be cash prizes and trophies awarded to the winners. There will also be live entertainment and door prizes. For more information and entry forms contact:
Vegetarian Society of Houston
2476 Bolsover #231
Houston, TX 77005-2011
(713) 880-2011


The Vegetarian Society of South Jersey 2nd Vegetarian Celebration Day

On November 4th The Vegetarian Society of South Jersey will hold its second Vegetarian Celebration Day. With speakers, cooking classes, vendors and delicious food. It will be held at the Burlington Meeting House on High Street in Burlington, New, Jersey starting at noon. For detailed information e-mail: info@vssj.com or call toll free 1-877-999-8775.


Our health professionals, activists, and educators work with businesses and individuals to bring about healthy changes in your school, workplace, and community. Registered dietitians and physicians aid in the development of nutrition-related publications and answer member and media questions about vegetarian diets. The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization. Financial support comes primarily from memberships, donations, and book sales. The Vegetarian Journal, a bi-monthly print magazine, is a benefit of membership in The VRG. (For more information, please see the "September/October 2000 Vegetarian Journal Preview  " above or back issues online at http://www.vrg.org/journal/.)

If you would like to make a donation, become a member, or find out more about The VRG, contact us at: The Vegetarian Resource Group PO Box 1463 Baltimore, MD 21203 Phone: (410) 366-8343 Fax: (410) 366-8804 E-mail: vrg@vrg.org Website: www.vrg.org


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