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Posted on December 14, 2011 by The VRG Blog Editor

The National Restaurant Association conducted an online survey of 1,791 members of the American Culinary Federation in October-November, 2011. The chefs were given a list of 223 food and beverage items, cuisines, culinary themes, and preparation methods, and were asked to rate each item.

Under appetizers, vegetable/vegetarian appetizers was number one! On a general list, meatless and vegetarian items were ranked number 75 as far as what’s hot. Twenty two per cent said meatless/vegetarian items were yesterday’s news and 25% said they were a perennial favorite. Vegan entrees were ranked number 107, with 47% saying it was a hot trend and 21% a perennial favorite.

As far as main dishes, meatless/vegetarian items were ranked as number 13 with vegan items ranked as number 16. Locally sourced meats and seafood were number one.

Dairy-free milk was listed number five under nonalcoholic beverages. Milk was number 14.

Under ethnic, Cuban cuisine was number four. (See recipes on VRG’s website at

North African was number 6. (See recipes on VRG’s website at

Korean was number 7. (See recipes on VRG’s website at

Middle Eastern cuisine was at number 11. (See VRG recipes at

Vegetarian restaurants can also be found at

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