Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update

Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update
Healthy Tips and Recipes for Institutions
Volume XI, Number 1                Winter 2003

Vegan Food Products

Veggie Meatballs: Yves Veggie Cuisine has added ready-to-serve vegan meatballs to its entrée items. The vegan and kosher meatballs ingredients include non-GMO textured soy protein, wheat gluten, wheat protein, canola oil, yeast extract, malt, spices, and natural flavor. Each 5-ball serving contains 90 calories ( 25 from fat), 6% of the daily value of calcium, 20% thiamin, 30% niacin, 35% B12, 30% Zinc, 25% iron, 10% riboflavin, 15% B6, and 6% pantothenic acid. Use veggie meatballs to top pasta, to create a veggie and meatball stew, to serve as a hot or cold meatball sub, or as hot or cold appetizers. In addition, Yves offers vegan “good dogs,” “good burgers,” and vegan “chicken” patties. Yves Veggie Breakfast Patties can be served as part of a breakfast entrée or crumbled to use as a sausage flavoring for pizza, sauces, pasta, and cooked vegetables. Contact: email, call (604) 525-2011 (Vancouver, BC), or visit

Live Gourmet: Hollandia Produce grows hydroponic butter lettuce, Romaine lettuce, watercress, cluster tomatoes, and European (seedless) cucumbers. Live Gourmet produce continues to grow during shipping and storage, giving a fresh and crisp product and minimizing nutrient loss. Combine the watercress and cucumber with red onion to make an appetizer or accompaniment salad. Slice the tomatoes and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar, cracked black pepper, and fresh basil for a light entrée or an accompaniment to pasta. Contact: visit or write to Hollandia Produce, PO Box 1327, Carpinteria, CA 93104.

Almond Toppers: Top your salad, and pasta, and baked potatoes, and grilled veggies with Almond Toppers, sliced and slivered flavored almonds from Blue Diamond’s Fresh Gourmet division. Several of the flavors are vegan, including roasted garlic, spicy Szechuan, and sun-dried tomato and basil. Almond Toppers are kosher and have no artificial color, flavor, or MSG. Blue Diamond suggests using Almond Toppers for baking savory casseroles, adding to rice and grain pilafs, and tossing with pasta or noodles. Contact: visit or call 1-877-TOPPERS.

Elegant Fruit Gifts: Vacaville Fruit Company specializes in dried fruits and nuts. It packages dried pears, apricots, plums, nectarines, and mixed fruit in 2-pound clear bags and on clear trays. They also have an assortment of gift baskets, that range from a 4-ounce mini basket to 40-64 ounce baskets. The baskets contain a beautiful array of dried fruit and nuts. Gift jars are available in a classic round shape or in apple and pumpkin shapes. Use these trays for upscale receptions, as part of a dessert tray, or to merchandise as edible gifts for holidays and celebrations. Contact: visit, call (800) 752-2011, or write to PO Box 1537 Vacaville, CA 95696.

Organic Salad Dressing: Chelten House offers several vegan organic salad dressings, including balsamic vinaigrette, roasted garlic vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, and sesame and ginger dressing. They come packed 6/12 ounces each with a case weight to 8.5 pounds. The dressings are QAI certified and are GMO-free. Use the dressings on hot spinach salad, cold green salad, as a dressing for cole slaw or pasta salads, and as a marinade or dipping sauce for grilled tofu, tempeh, seitan, and vegetables. Contact: email, call (856) 467-2011, or write to PO Box 434 Bridgeport, NJ 08014.

From Field to Table: This is the slogan of Mann’s Sunny Shores Produce Company. Mann’s was founded in 1938 by Stanford University graduate H.W. Mann, and it became famous for its high quality broccoli and carrots. Today Mann’s packages fresh, ready-to-use produce mixtures including: Broccoli Wokly (broccoli florets cut small and ready to steam, stir-fry or dip), Rainbow Salad (a combination of baby lettuces, raddichio, and seasonal cabbage), Vegetable Medley (a mixture of baby carrots, broccoli and cauliflower florets, and seasonal vegetables, ready to be steamed or tossed with dressing), Broccoli Cole Slaw (ready to be tossed with salad dressing or even stir-fried), and String-less Sugar Snaps (edible pea pods that can be used on a vegetable tray or tossed, whole, into pasta or rice dishes, or stir-fried). Contact: visit, call (800) 844-MANN, or write to PO Box 690 Sal inas, C A 93902.

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Vegan Food Products
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