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Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update
Healthy Tips and Recipes for Institutions

Volume V, Number 4  Autumn 1997  


Grains and Bulk Mixes from Fantastic Foods
Fantastic Foods offers a wide range of vegan products for foodservice that are simple to prepare. In the grain category they offer 11# Arborio Rice; 11#, 22#, and 44# Basmati Rice; 44# Brown Basmati Rice; 50# Couscous; 50# Jasmine Rice; and 50# Whole Wheat Couscous. Fantastic Foods also sells several of their bulk mixes in quantities of 10# and 25# including Falafel, Hummus, Instant Black Beans, Instant Refried Beans, and Tabouli Salad. They also produce their Tofu Burger mix, Nature’s Burger Original Flavor, Nature’s Burger Sausage, and Vegetarian Chili in 10# and 25# packages. For further information call Lisa Nielsen, Food Service Manager for Fantastic Foods at (360) 855-2011.

Non Dairy Beverages, Oils, and Vinegar from Hain
The Hain Food Group, Inc. vegan product line for foodservice includes cases of both soy milk (plain and vanilla flavor) and rice milk (plain and cinnamon flavor) in cases of twelve 32-ounce containers. They also distribute Canola, Safflower, Sunflower, and Peanut Oil in cases of twelve 32-ounce containers. And finally, they offer Apple Cider Vinegar in cases of twelve 32-ounce containers. For more information on these products call (800) 434-4146 or (516) 237-6200.

Meatless Salami
Vegi-Deli’s Vegetarian Slice of Life meatless salami contains fewer than 3 grams of fat per serving. This meat alternative is made from wheat protein, nutritional yeast, natural liquid smoke, and seasonings. Two 3-pound salami come in each case. A 3-pound salami contains sixteen 3-ounce servings. Shelf life for this product is 6 months. For further details call (888) 473-3667. This product is perfect in any deli.

Veggie Burger Sauce
Boca Burger supplies burgers to foodservice. They offer the following suggestion for a delicious burger sauce. Simply mix together: 2 parts ketchup, 1 part yellow mustard, and 1 part sweet relish. Your customers will love this combination. For more information on Boca Burgers you can call (954) 524-4653.

Better’n Burgers and "Burger" Crumbles from Worthington Foods, Inc.
Worthington Foods, Inc. now offers two vegan products under the Morningstar Farms label. Better’n Burgers come frozen in 4 packages of 12 burgers per case. These burgers are fat-free and their shelf life is approximately 12 months. The burgers are manufactured on certified Kosher/dairy equipment. According to the company, Better’n Burgers may be baked or grilled. They can be prepared and held in a covered heated container up to 30 minutes prior to serving.
The Foodservice IQF Burger Crumbles come in two 5-pound bags per case. A serving size is considered 2/3 cup. This products is primarily made from textured vegetable protein and can be used in recipes calling for browned ground beef such as tacos, sloppy Joes, chili, lasagna, pasta dishes, pizza toppings, and salads. The Crumbles should thaw in the refrigerator 24-36 hours prior to use.

Excerpts from the Autumn 1997 Issue:

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