Vegetarian Journal 2004 Issue 2

Notes from the Scientific Department


VRG Nutrition Advisor Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, was interviewed for several magazine and newspaper articles, including a story in Self magazine about people who aspire to go vegetarian, an article in the Boston Globe about young children who decide to go vegetarian, and a story on raw foods for children for VegNews. In addition, she was the subject of a profile published on Reed wrote a book review of The New Becoming Vegetarian for the Journal of the American Dietetic Association and an article on resources for vegetarian nutrition for Issues in Vegetarian Dietetics, the newsletter of ADA’s Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group. VRG Nutrition Advisor Suzanne Havala Hobbs, DrPH, RD, was interviewed for a story about vegetarian diets for BJ’s Journal and for a story for Child magazine about families going vegetarian. VRG& rsquo;s Food Service Advisor Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE, did a KABC radio interview on vegetarian holiday cooking. VRG Co-Director Charles Stahler was interviewed by the Associated Press concerning the impact mad cow disease has had upon the vegetarian movement. The resulting article sent readers nationwide to VRG’s website. Also, the Milford (MA) Daily News ran an article stating, “If you’re as repelled by mad cow disease and the meat industry as we are, you might enjoy this site. It belongs to the Vegetarian Resource Group, a nonprofit group for non-meat-eaters worldwide.”


VRG’s Food Service Advisor Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE, is teaching an on-line course called Introduction to Vegetarian Nutrition and Food Service. So far, the class has enrolled students from Argentina, Brazil, the Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, and Pakistan, in addition to students from across the United States. Even though the class is no longer offered for college credit, students may still enroll on a continuing education basis. Course information is available at The VRG website. Recipes from Nancy’s book Vegan in Volume were quoted in several national newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Miami Herald, in articles about vegetarian holiday eating. In January, she presented an all-day seminar on vegetarian, kosher menu design and products for registered dietitians and certified chefs at the Kosher Life conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. She ha s also agreed to present five workshops for the Los Angeles County Regional Food Bank on incorporating more vegetarian menu items into their adult and children’s menus throughout 2004.

Excerpts from the 2004 Issue 2:
"How Did They Think of That?"
Chef Nancy Berkoff spotlights this spicy Korean cabbage dish.
2003 VRG Essay Contest Winners
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Eating a Vegetarian Diet While Living with Kidney Disease
Joan Brookhyser, RD, CD, CSR, helps you achieve good nutrition while you maintain your renal health.
Nutrition Hotline
Are low-carbohydrate diets a good way to lose weight?
Note from the Coordinators
Notes from the Scientific Department
Scientific Update
Vegetarian Action
Sweet Success: An Interview with Sticky Fingers' Doron and Kirsten, by Keryl Cryer.

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