Vegetarian Journal 2004 Issue 3

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Two Teens Each Receive A $5000 Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarship

When ALEXANDRA FABER started the Conserving our Wildlife (C.O.W.) Club in high school, one of her main objectives was to have more vegan/vegetarian options in the cafeteria. Alexandra’s dogged persistence resulted in vegan burgers being served. She requested they stop putting cheese and butter in the tomato sauce for the pasta, which they did. The cafeteria staff was taught how to clean the stove before preparing the veggie burgers in the morning and was asked to cook them before they cooked the meat burgers. During her final year of high school, Alexandra chose an internship where she could give out vegetarian literature at Grand Central Station in New York City, a Goldfinger concert, and other venues. During the last day of her summer camp, Alexandra held a vegan day, where she cooked all vegan meals and had activities explaining veganism and factory farming. Among several activities was a debate where a non-vegetarian had to defend veganism, and a vegetarian had to defend eating meat. Alexandra said, “Anyways, I am proud to say that to this day, half the camp is vegetarian.”

PRACHI SHARMA organized a “Veggie Day” in her high school, and for weeks in advance, she worked with the school cafeteria staff to put together a veggie menu so all students would have the option of being vegetarian that day. With extensive promotion, “to my surprise, almost everyone decided to consider a vegetarian diet for that day.” Prachi said, “After my success in school, I resolved to take the movement even further. I decided to produce a fictional short film regarding the importance of vegetables for local broadcast. The film was much more challenging than my school promotion since I had to seek the approval of the local PBS station. They agreed to air the movie if I provided a film of strictly professional quality… I am excited about the notion that I have helped spread the message in my small town.”

Thank you to the donor who enabled VRG to award these scholarships. The selection process is very difficult, as there are many teens doing great work to promote vegetarianism. If you would like to sponsor additional awards, please drop us a note or call (410) 366-8343.


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Excerpts from the 2004 Issue 3:
Encouraging Vegetarian Foods at Concession Stands
Get veggie options at baseball parks and other venues with tips from Johanna McCloy.
Regional Cuisines
Nancy Berkoff, RD, brings distinctive cooking styles from around the United States to your table.
Vegan Indian Dinner
Nutrition Hotline
What kind of calcium is best absorbed from soymilk? Is carrageenan dangerous? Do African-American vegetarians live longer than their meat-eating counterparts?
Note from the Coordinators
Veggie Bits
Scientific Update
Notes from the Scientific Department
Foodservice Update
2004 Scholarship Winners
Vegan Cooking Tips
Garbanzos! by Chef Nancy Berkoff
Vegetarian Action
Establishing Guidelines for Veggie Lunches in Schools, by Heather Gorn

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