Vegetarian Journal 2005 Issue 1

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Annie’s Naturals Introduces Organic Mustards, Ketchup, and Salad Dressings

Annie’s Naturals offers a line of organic condiments so good that you’ll go out of your way to find foods to smother with them. Their Organic Yellow Mustard and Organic Dijon Mustard are delicious, and the VRG staff declared their sweet Organic Ketchup the best they’ve ever tasted. Salad lovers may want to try their unique Organic Papaya Poppy Seed Dressing or their flavorful Organic Asian Sesame Dressing, both of which are available in 8-ounce bottles and in 1-liter salad bar-sized containers for food service.

Write to Annie’s Naturals at 792 Foster Hill Road, North Calais, VT 05650, or call the company at (800) 434-2011. Their website is

New Tofurky Deli “Meats”

Turtle Island Foods has expanded their line of Tofurky deli slices to include three great new flavors. The Italian Deli and “Philly-Style” Steak varieties are perfect for vegan sandwiches and subs, and every bite of the truly delectable Cranberry & Stuffing slices will remind you of your last Thanksgiving feast!

Contact Turtle Island Foods, Inc., at P.O. Box 176, Hood River, OR 97031 or at (800) 508-8100. Visit the company on-line at

Are You a College Student in an Environmental Field?

Each year, Annie’s Homegrown sponsors an Environmental Studies Scholarship Program, which awards $1,000 scholarships to at least 25 college students who are focusing on the environmental studies field. The competition is open to full-time undergraduates and graduate students who are enrolled in a 2- or 4-year technical or college program in the U.S. and have at least one more year before completing their degree.

Visit to learn more about the eligibility guidelines and to download an application. Entries for this scholarship must be postmarked by July 1.

Sweet Treats and Much More from Edward & Sons

The Edward & Sons family of products reaches far beyond the confections that made them famous. They also offer Organic Croutons in Lightly Salted, Italian Herbs, and Onion Garlic varieties to add crunch to your soups and salads, and their Lightly Salted and Italian Herbs Breadcrumbs to use in many an entrée.

But those with an insatiable sweet tooth shouldn’t fret. You will surely find a few favorites with their Let’s Do... Organic brand. Their Candies include Gummi Bears, Gummi Worms, and Jelly Fruits, while their Hard Candy line features Assorted or Sour Fruit Flavors, Breath Mints, Butterscotch, and Peppermints. All of these items are made without animal products, including gelatin. The Let’s Do... Organic brand also features 8.8-ounce bags of Shredded Coconut, Shredded Coconut Lite, and Coconut Flakes for your baking projects.

Contact Edward & Sons Trading Company at P.O. Box 1326, Carpinteria, CA 93014. You may also call (805) 684-8500 or visit for more information.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Organic Roses and Chocolates

Looking for organic versions of traditional love tokens? Then, let the Organic Trade Association be your guide. The OTA lists 11 companies that offer organic roses, grown without the pesticides often found in greenhouse environments. Also, organic vegan chocolates are available from Dagoba, Endangered Species Chocolates, InterNatural Foods (Vivani dark chocolate and dark chocolate with orange), Mia Mahalo, Rapunzel Pure Organics (dark, bittersweet, and all semisweets), and Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates (dark chocolate with or without almonds).

For more info, visit the Organic Pages at Or call the OTA at (413) 774-7511.

Excerpts from the 2005 Issue 1:
Hot, Hearty Soups for Cold Winter Days
Make a meal with a chowder, chili, or stew from Peggy Rynk.
2004 VRG Essay Contest Winners
Two young winners relate their experiences with vegetarianism.
Fast Food Update
Heather Gorn investigates vegetarian and vegan options at four quick service restaurant chains.
Nutrition Hotline
Does adding fish and fish oils to your diet contribute to heart health?
Note from the Coordinators
Veggie Bits
Notes from the VRG Scientific Department
Interviews that our dietitians granted, outreach, Congressional bill concerning soymilk in schools, and VRG testifies about the USDA food pyramid.
Vegan Cooking Tips
Fast Greens, by Chef Nancy Berkoff
Scientific Update
Book Reviews
Vegetarian Action
“Just Cook,” He Said
Skai Davis: An Enterprising Vegan Restauranteur, by Ben A. Shaberman

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