Letters to the Editors

A Call for Veggie-Oriented Stamps

I am a practicing Jain, a strict vegetarian, and a stamp collector (philatelist). I would like to see that different countries—like the UK, USA, and Canada—issue stamps to attract people to adopting vegetarianism as a way of life.

I would appreciate if either you or any of your readers can help me with the list of stamps already issued on the theme of vegetarianism. My e-mail address is 4prakash@gmail.com.

I suggest your readers also write similar request to the stamp-issuing authorities to promote for awareness about vegetarians. I will appreciate it if you can cc to me your such requests for me to follow up with those authorities.

I sincerely thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Prakash M.
via e-mail

Animal Rights Versus Animal Wrongs

The very term 'animal rights' often causes people to put up a defensive barrier. In their minds, they think that if a person is for animal rights, that he or she must therefore be (largely) against human rights. The term 'animal rights' is correct of course, but I've found the term 'animal wrongs' to be much more helpful in talking with people about various animal-related issues. It is natural for people to want to do right and unnatural for them to want to do wrong. We just have to help them see that it is right to be against animal wrongs.

Craig C.
via e-mail

Thanks from Texas!

Hi, Sonja,

Just a quick note to thank you again for taking the time to help me with the materials request over the phone! We greatly appreciate the literature you and the VRG staff are sending for our group's continued grassroots outreach and will send whatever donation we can to help cover the costs.

We have been receiving more opportunities to 'plant seeds' at all types of venues, festivals, and conferences, so our outreach here in Houston is growing every year. Hopefully the number of vegetarians and vegans will as well!

Many thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you again in the spring! Kindest regards,

Kristen O. Society for PEACE (People for the Earth, Animals, Compassion, and Enlightenment)