Alternatives to Meat for a Typical Camp Menu

These are easy items that the 'grubmaster' can take for the vegans who are camping with meat-eaters.


Monday: Lightlife bologna slices for deli sandwiches (often in the produce section)

Tuesday: Lightlife veggie hot dogs

Wednesday: Hummus instead of grilled cheese

Thursday: Instead of chicken nuggets, leftover veggie hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Friday: Instead of fish sticks, pasta and a meatless tomato sauce


Sunday: Yves veggie pepperoni with plain spaghetti made separately (There are Nate’s vegetarian meatballs, but this brand may be harder to find for typical camp planners.)

Monday and Tuesday: Lightlife Smart Ground

Wednesday: Morningstar Farms Vegan Grillers (Morningstar is owned by Kellogg's, and the brand is found in many stores.)

Thursday: Vegetarian chili

Friday: Instead of chicken, veggie jerky or cans of Indian chana masala (such as Jyoti) if the parties are adventurous.

*Note: We don't necessarily think vegetarians should always eat this many meat substitutes, but these are easy alternatives when the rest of the meat-based menu is being prepared this way.