Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update

Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update
Healthy Tips and Recipes for Institutions
Volume XII, Number 1                Spring 2006

Raw Foods in a Nutshell

What do raw/living foodists eat?

Although there are personal variations, raw foodists eat all fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, grains, sea vegetables, and other organic/natural foods that have not been processed. To prepare ingredients for their meals, most raw foodists soak, chop, purée, and dry or sprout nuts, seeds and grains.

How can you tell if something is an acceptable raw food ingredient?

Most fresh foods that have not been processed in any way are usually acceptable.

What do raw foodists drink?

Purified or distilled water (never water from the tap or municipal supply), freshly made juice, preferably squeezed and consumed right away, and fresh coconut juice are acceptable. Raw milks may be pressed from soaked oats, grains, or rice or ground nuts. Naturally fermented or dried tea leaves, herbs, or flowers may be sun-brewed into teas.

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