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The Land of Kush in Maryland

Posted on August 15, 2012 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Shelby Jackson, VRG Intern

I am usually pretty quick to pick favorites when it comes to restaurant entrées, but not with The Land of Kush. As someone who grew up in the south eating barbecue meats and lots of macaroni and cheese, I’d have to say the Land of Kush really hit the spot with their savory, smoky Kush BBQ Ribs and Baked Mac & Cheese. Though the latter does not necessarily taste how I remember, it was buttery and creamy, and I will definitely be going back for seconds. The texture and flavor of the Sweet & Sour Seitan, with its tangy sauce and tender texture, reminded me of the brisket my mom used to make. Both the Ribs and the Seitan were extremely hearty and satisfying and the leftovers tasted great on a sandwich the next day.

The Chick-un Salad Wrap tastes exactly like real chicken, according to my omnivore boyfriend who has ordered it twice. His next favorite were the ribs, which were “good, but not real ribs.” Coming from a boy who grew up in Kansas City and is quick to point out the shortcomings of mock meats, this remark is more positive than it may initially seem.

The Land of Kush does not try too hard to imitate the non-vegan versions the dishes are inspired from. They are careful to extract the natural, wholesome flavor and unique texture of seitan and soy, but with a soul food spin. The Mac & Cheese, as well as many of their entrees, is incomparable with the real thing, which is fortunate, because what they have come up with tastes much better.

For more information about vegan dining options across the US, see the VRG’s national restaurant guide:

The Land of Kush is listed under Baltimore, Maryland.

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