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Togo’s West Coast Sandwich Chain Offers Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Posted on February 07, 2013 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Jeanne Yacoubou, MS
VRG Research Director

In 1971, Togo’s began serving made-to-order sandwiches in California. The chain grew quickly and began offering soups and salads in the 80s. In 2007, Togo’s debuted wraps and in 2010, toasted sandwiches. Togo’s currently has nearly 250 locations in the western United States with plans to expand further.

Togo’s offers several menu options that vegetarians and vegans may enjoy. The West Coast chain serves an Avocado & Cucumber Sandwich on a choice of breads with a variety of vegetable condiments, always made to order.

Their San Francisco Style Sourdough and Classic White Breads contain no animal products whatsoever. Milk and honey are in the 100% Honey Whole Wheat Bread. The Parmesan Cheese Bread contains cheese. The whole wheat wrap contains honey powder. The spinach wrap is all-vegetable. This West Coast chain told us in October 2012 that they now use a non-animal sourced dough conditioner in its breads.

Togo’s all-vegetable hummus according to a senior staff member has been formulated with the utmost attention given to every single ingredient in order to “make it the best hummus we possibly could create.” The hummus may be ordered as a stand-alone menu item.

According to Togo’s website, the Viva Veggie Wrap consists of a “…spinach wrap filled with hummus, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, red onions, shredded lettuce & balsamic vinaigrette.” This sandwich may be ordered without feta cheese (or any other condiment). Togo’s informed The VRG in October 2012 that the rennet used in their cheeses is non-animal. The balsamic vinaigrette is all-vegetable.

Togo’s Garden Vegetable Soup is all-vegetable with no animal-based broths used. The cookies and brownies served at Togo’s contain eggs and milk.

Those looking for more information about menu offerings including nutritional and allergen information or to locate a restaurant may visit Togo’s website:

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