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My VRG Internship

Posted on April 05, 2013 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Ali Browder

I originally decided to intern at VRG because I wanted to learn more about non-profits. I began my internship in late December with a translation project, and now, mid-March, my internship is coming to an end. In these past few months I have learned so much.

I have worked on many projects during my internship. I began with translating nutritional articles to Spanish. I translated articles about vegan pregnancy, and the importance of calcium, iron, and vitamin B12. Translation was one of my favorite tasks during my internship because reading the articles was a very informative experience, and I also learned many new words in Spanish during the translation process. Besides that, I participated in other small tasks around the office. I contacted companies to ask for vegan food samples, and I reviewed the products for the Vegetarian Journal. I worked on the Restaurant Guide, another fun project, and I was able to learn about vegetarianism in cities all over North America. Additionally, I responded to many scholarship entries. I enjoyed this project because I was able to see how vegetarianism had impacted other students’ lives.

As my internship comes to a close, I think back to my first day at the VRG. The first day that I came to the VRG, Charles gave me a plethora of vegan cookbooks. I was so excited to be able to try out new recipes. Throughout my internship, I learned of more recipes, when the scholarship applicants wrote about their favorite dishes. One applicant even sent an entire cookbook full of her recipes! After giving me the cookbooks, Charles explained to me how a non-profit works and what the VRG does. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at the VRG – they are a great group of people and what they do is inspiring.

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