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Posted on July 21, 2014 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Charles Stahler

Times are certainly changing. When my son started scouts, the first year at camp he had to help prepare the regular troop meals, and then prepare all his own vegetarian food. The last several years he struggled to keep up his weight at camp as he ate around the 1950’s style food still being served. This year, amazingly, each night the camp had a tray of food using a meat alternative, as well as a primitive salad bar. My son and the scoutmaster who is now eating vegan feasted and my son actually came home not losing any weight. They were the only two vegetarians in the troop, but we’re guessing there were probably a few others staff or scouts at the camp who are vegetarian. Thank you to the chef who instituted these changes, as well as the food company which made the meat analogs, the food service distributor willing to carry the vegetarian options, and everyone who has spoken up in a positive way over the years.

Also, this month we did the food for an Boy Scout Eagle ceremony, so it happened to be vegan. Thank you to Whole Foods in Baltimore, which did a great fruit platter. Their fruit is always fresh, and they are always dependable. Also, thank you to One World Café in Baltimore which made a vegan cake with the Eagle Insignia, as well as three types of vegan cupcakes. We also served hummus with crackers and carrots, juice, carbonated fruit juice beverages (not the regular soda), and other treats. Though we and the scoutmaster are the only vegans and only one other person is even close to being vegetarian, the scouts and adults enjoyed the food and several asked for the source of the cake. It was especially joyful to watch one young boy who is lactose intolerant be thrilled that this was the first time he could have a piece of the cake at an event. Again, thank you to everyone who helps make change in a positive way.

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