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Vegan Garden Pesto by LeGrand

Posted on October 20, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


By Alicia Hückmann, VRG intern

What I find somewhat annoying about most dressings is that they come in glass or plastic bottles that will make you poke around with a knife for ages to get the last bits out of the container. LeGrand’s vegan garden pesto, however, is packed in a convenient pouch that allows you to simply press its content out like toothpaste. And if that is not enough already, you can cut the package open and scratch out the remaining drops – which wouldn’t be unusual in my opinion considering how good the pesto is! It basically tastes like liquidized parsley and basil with a slight touch of lemon that will turn every dish into a tasty herb garden. Although I had doubts about the accuracy of the common serving size printed on the back of the pouch at first (2 teaspoons), I changed my mind when I found out how intense the pesto’s flavor is.

Unfortunately, the product is relatively high in fat and sodium, so people who are trying to lose weight or to follow a healthy diet especially should not consume it on a daily basis but rather as a once-in-a-while treat. That being said, LeGrand’s pesto is easily prepared and ready to eat in no time, absolutely delicious, and spices up every noodle dish!

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