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Fishes: Their Wonder, Their Plight, and How It Affects Us All

Posted on May 29, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor


In the recent issue of Vegetarian Journal, Mary Finelli shares information on the plight of fish. She mentions “Fishes are far more sentient and perceptive than most people realize or, until recently, than even science has credited them with being. They have complex social interactions and can recognize other fishes by subtle facial markings. They can also differentiate human faces from one another. They learn by watching others and pass knowledge from generation to generation, which is the basis of culture. There are fishes who use tools, which scientists consider to be a sophisticated behavior. Some fishes are known to communicate and cooperate with other species. There are fishes who build nests for their young, vigilantly caring for them and valiantly protecting them. Some even incubate their babies in their mouths! These and many other characteristics are explored in the recently published book, What a Fish Knows, by Jonathan Balcombe.”

The author also states, “Fishes are, in fact, gateway animals to animal abuse. What other animals are considered not only acceptable to kill but admirable to torture? That’s what fishing is: torturing fishes. They are impaled, hauled through the water by a hook, manhandled, suffocated and/or killed in some other inhumane way. Even if released, many perish as a result of the injury and trauma they’ve suffered. It’s not a sport; the fishes are victims, not willing participants. Children are taken fishing to introduce them to nature, but instead of learning to respect it they are taught to harmfully exploit nature and are praised for abusing animals.”

If you or someone you know still eats fish, you might want to share this article on why you should not consume fish: Fishes

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