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Posted on December 29, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor

When making your end-of-year donations, please remember The Vegetarian Resource Group. We greatly appreciate your support. Visit:

Here are some of the ways your donation will be used throughout the year to come:

$25 Sponsors sending Vegetarian Journal for a year to a Vegetarian/Vegan or Animal Rights Group located overseas in a poor country.

$50 Would go towards reprinting copies of our various vegan brochures/handouts.

$100 The cost to send a box of vegan literature to a student vegetarian/animal rights/ environmental organization for outreach on their campus.

$200 Allows VRG to send Vegetarian Journal for a year to 20 high school students applying to the Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship.

$300 To print VRG Banners to use at outreach tables throughout the USA.

$500 Will enable us to give runner-up scholarships to high school seniors who promote veganism.

$600 So we can reprint our Spanish coloring book (this would be a matching donation).

Thank you and happy 2018 from The VRG Staff!

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