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VRG-NEWS: The Vegetarian Resource Group Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue 5
May 1998


  1. Coming Soon: New Edition of Meatless Meals for Working People
  2. Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update Online
  3. May / June 1998 Vegetarian Journal Online
  4. Suzanne Havala, MS, RD Speaking at Foodservice Conference
  5. NACUFS session on Vegetarian Dining Services
  6. Mother's / Father's Day Special on Vegetarian Journal Gift Subscriptions
  7. Book Review: The Vegetarian Way
  8. Recipe of the Month: Antipasto Platter
  9. About The Vegetarian Resource Group
  10. About VRG-NEWS


1) The newly revised 192-page Meatless Meals for Working People - Quick and Easy Recipes will be available soon. This popular book contains over 100 easy recipes, information on what you can eat and shouldn't eat in fast food and quick service chains, party dishes, packaged food ideas, a spice chart, and more.

How many people say they are too busy to be a vegetarian? Meatless Meals for Working People is the practical answer.

Meatless Meals makes a great gift for relatives and friends. Give a copy to your local library and school to help spread the vegetarian message in a friendly way. As a special offer for VRG-NEWS subscribers, if you purchase five advance copies of Meatless Meals by July 15th, 1998, your cost will be one half of the regular price. We'll even pay the postage (Free shipping to US addresses only, other countries add $6).

To order five books for $30 (or one book for $12), visit our secure site at https://skyport.net/vrg/ordermm.htm and use your Mastercard or Visa. We'll ship your order as soon as we get the books in! Why not order now, while you're thinking about it?

You can also print this, and send your check to:

The Vegetarian Resource Group PO Box 1463 Baltimore, MD 21203

Name: ____________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ____________________________________

___ $30 for five NEW Meatless Meals

___ $12 for one copy of the NEW Meatless Meals


2) Four recent issues of Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update are now online at http://www.vrg.org/fsupdate/. Foodservice Update is a quarterly newsletter offering healthy tips and recipes for institutions, such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, and retirement communities. The web site also contains Tips for Introducing Vegetarian Food into Institutions, a list of products suitable for institutional cooks, and other information on quantity cooking. Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update can be ordered along with a one year Vegetarian Journal subcription for $30 at https://skyport.net/vrg/subscribe.htm.

Thanks to volunteer Stephanie Schueler for converting the articles to html for the web site.


3) The March/April 1998 issue of the Vegetarian Journal is now online. Look for articles on:

a) Cereal: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore
b) No Pressure Meals Under Pressure
c) Note from the Coordinators
d) Nutrition Hotline
e) Book Reviews
f) Notes from the Scientific Department

If you are not currently a subscriber to the Vegetarian Journal, why not subscribe today? You can find subscription information online at http://www.vrg.org/journal/subscribe.htm. Join for $30 or more, and receive a FREE copy of the Vegan Handbook, a $19.95 value! (see http://www.vrg.org/catalog/veganhandbook.htm).

Thanks to volunteer Jeanie Freeman for converting the articles to html for the web site.


4) Suzanne Havala, MS, RD, nutrition advisor to The Vegetarian Resource Group, will be speaking at the Food Service Frontiers conference. This conference is a co-sponsored annual event of the North Carolina Dietetic Association (NCDA) and the North Carolina Food Service Association. Suzanne will speak on Tuesday, June 23rd from 3:30pm-4:45pm on Integrating Vegetarian Entrees into Food Service. Then on Thursday, June 25th she'll lead a roundtable discussion on working with the media from 2:45pm-4:45pm. The meeting is being held in Greensboro, NC at the Koury Convention Center. For more information, call the NCDA at 800-849-2011 or 919-779-6010.


5) Susan and Todd O'Keefe, a husband and wife team from the University of Connecticut Department of Dining Services, will be presenting an interest session at the National Association of College and University Food Services Conference (NACUFS). The Conference will be held at the Anaheim Hilton and Towers in Anaheim, CA from July 6-12, 1998.

The O'Keefe's presentation, "Partnering with Your Vegetarian Students to Educate and Enhance Dining Services," will describe how university food services can be proactive in building a foundation for achieving high marks from the campus vegetarian populations. For more information contact Susan O'Keefe at susan@huskydine.dfs.uconn.edu.


6) Give a gift subscription to the Vegetarian Journal for 25% off! Give your mother or father (or yourself) a gift subscription for only $15, 25% off the usual rate of $20 (contiguous US only. Canada and Mexico are the special price of $25, and other countries are the special price of $37).

The recipient of your gift will be reminded of your thoughtfulness six times over the course of the year. Offer expires on June 18, 1998. To order via our secure web site using your Mastercard or Visa, visit https://skyport.net/vrg/subscribegift.htm. To order via our standard site, visit http://www.vrg.org/journal/subscribegift.htm. Or call (410) 366-8343 or send your check to VRG, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203. Be sure to include who the gift is for.


7) The Vegetarian Way: Total Health for You and Your Family By Virginia Messina, M.P.H., R.D., and Mark Messina, Ph.D.

What would you like to know about vegetarian nutrition? How to feed children? What to eat while traveling? What the latest research says about vegetarianism? How to get calcium without dairy products? What the politics are behind dietary recommendations? To answer these questions in the past, you would have needed to consult several books. No more. Virginia and Mark Messina's The Vegetarian Way is a great resource for anyone interested in vegetarianism.

The Messinas, who have more than thirty years of experience in meatless eating between the two of them, set out to address the full spectrum of vegetarian issues, including nutrition basics, meatless cooking, socializing, and special situations like diabetes and weight control. They have succeeded admirably. They have achieved a remarkable balance between a factual, objective examination of vegetarianism and a user-friendly, readable, and highly useful work.

I am recommending this book to everyone. Those contemplating vegetarianism will find all sorts of information that makes a convincing case for a shift to a meatless diet. New vegetarians can learn all about nutrition as well as what to make for dinner tonight. Seasoned vegetarians will gain from the authors' enthusiasm and clear explanations of how to have an even healthier diet. Lots of sample menus and more than 50 recipes add to this book's usefulness.

If you don't buy another book this year (or for the next several years), do buy The Vegetarian Way. It belongs on every vegetarian's nightstand. The Vegetarian Way (ISBN 0-517-88275-2) is a 390-page book, published by Crown Trade Paperbacks. For more information and to view the table of contents, visit http://www.vrg.org/catalog/vegway.htm. To purchase on our secure web site using your Mastercard or Visa, visit https://skyport.net/vrg/order.htm. To order via our standard site, visit http://www.vrg.org/catalog/orderstandard.htm. Or you can order it by mail from The VRG by sending $27 (includes postage) to PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.

Reviewed by VRG Nutrition Advisor Reed Mangels, Ph.D., R.D.


8) Serve this lightly marinated medley in place of the usual crudite. Any vegetables will do here; cauliflower, broccoli, sweet pepper strips, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini are some examples. A few olives will also add a pretty shape and color. This recipe appears in Simple, Lowfat & Vegetarian by Suzanne Havala, M.S., R.D. with recipes by Mary Clifford, R.D. For information on this and other books published by the VRG, visit http://www.vrg.org/catalog/

Makes 4 servings

3/4 pound raw or blanched vegetables
1 tablespoon cider, red wine, or balsamic vinegar
1-1/2 teaspoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon basil
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

Toss vegetables with marinade ingredients. Let sit at least three hours or overnight. To serve, drain and arrange on platter. May be served chilled or at room temperature.

Note: Whenever marinating vegetables, do not add broccoli until just before serving or it will turn an unsightly olive green.

Nutrient values will vary slightly depending on vegetables used.

Calories per serving: 34; Total Fat as % of Daily Value: 3%; Pro: 2 gm; Fat: 2 gm; Carb: 4 gm; Calcium: 26 mg; Iron: less than 1 mg; Sodium 13 mg; Fiber: 2 gm.


9) Our health professionals, activists, and educators work with businesses and individuals to bring about healthy changes in your school, workplace, and community. Registered dietitians and physicians aid in the development of nutrition-related publications and answer member and media questions about vegetarian diets.

The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization. Financial support comes primarily from memberships, donations, and book sales.

The Vegetarian Journal, a bi-monthly print magazine, is a benefit of membership in The VRG. The Journal features informational and recipe articles, product and book reviews, news for vegetarian activists, and up to date information about vegetarian health and nutrition. Membership in the VRG costs $20/year in the US, $30/year in Canada and Mexico, or $42/year for the rest of the world. Accepted forms of payment, all in US funds, are Visa, Mastercard, checks drawn on US banks, and postal orders. When joining, please send us your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. If paying by credit card, please include the card number and expiration date. Membership requests should be directed to:

The Vegetarian Resource Group
PO Box 1463
Baltimore, MD 21203
Phone: (410) 366-8343
Fax: (410) 366-8804
E-mail: vrg@vrg.org

Or you can subscribe online at http://www.vrg.org/journal/subscribe.htm


10) VRG-NEWS is distributed as a volunteer service of Vegetarians Online, the forum for vegetarians on America Online. Vegetarians Online offers message boards, live chats, downloadable files, informational content, quick links to vegetarian websites and USENET newsgroups, and an interactive store which features products from The VRG. AOL members can use keyword VEGAN to visit Vegetarians Online. For more information, please contact Vegetarians Online host Bobbi Pasternak at bobbi@vrg.org.

If you wish to cancel your subscription to VRG-NEWS, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM with the following message:

If you wish to subscribe to VRG-NEWS, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM with the following message:
SUB VRG-NEWS {your first and last name}

Do not include the {} when you enter your name. The newsletter will be sent to the email address you are subscribing from.

Contents of VRG-NEWS are copyright 1998 by The Vegetarian Resource Group. The newsletter may be freely distributed in electronic or print form provided its contents are not altered.

This newsletter was converted to HTML by Stephanie Schueler.

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