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VRG-NEWS: The Vegetarian Resource Group Newsletter
Editor: Davida Gypsy Breier
Volume 3, Issue 8
August 1999


  1. Notes from the Editor
  2. Vegetarian Gatherings Galore!
  3. New Vegan Convenience Foods Available
  4. Club Veg Trip to Costa Rica
  5. September/October 1999 Vegetarian Journal Preview
  6. Audrey Fluke Vegetarian Award
  7. Job Opening: Web Site Maintenance/Computer Support
  8. Recipe of the Month: Mushroom and Almond Pate
  9. About The Vegetarian Resource Group
  10. About VRG-News


VRG has been busy doing a variety of outreach this summer. We had a booth at the annual conference for the Society of Nutrition Education held in Baltimore, Maryland. Nutrition educators told us they were thrilled to have us as a source for health related and dietary information.

At the National Association of College and University Food Service (NACUFS) conference in July, there was a high demand for information pertaining to vegan foods, recipes, and products. The university food service personnel indicated that there was an increasing demand for vegan foods at their schools. While there were some vegetarian food companies present, the products they offered were mostly for lacto-ovo vegetarians. Perhaps after the conference, they will be more inclined to display their vegan items as well.

The VRG offices have been bustling with experts and volunteers. Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, one of our nutrition specialists, and Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, our foodservice expert, came by for a few days to share what they had been working on and discuss some new projects. During these meetings we tell them what people are asking about, and how their expertise might help. Many of the inquires come through e-mail, regular mail, and from VRG-News readers.

Long-time volunteer Jim Dunn, also active in the Chicago Vegetarian Society, came to see the offices for the first time. He left invigorated and with a better understanding of the wide-range of outreach we offer. We were glad to finally put a face together with a name and meet the person responsible for distributing VRG's materials all over the Midwest. If you would be interested in helping to table in Indiana or Illinois, please let us know and we will put you in touch with Jim.

As a reminder, please don't forget The Vegetarian Resource Group in matching gifts at work, United Way, and federal employee (CFC) campaigns. Thanks to those of you who have supported VRG over the years. We couldn't do everything we do without your help!


Summer Picnic at Harford Glen Park in Harford County, Maryland

Join VRG members and staff at Harford Glen for a summer potluck picnic that starts at 12 noon. This beautiful Harford County Park (in Northern MD) offers trails and other relaxing amenities. Make sure to bring a vegetarian dish (no meat, fish, or poultry) or, preferably, vegan dish (no animal ingredients including dairy and eggs), drink, or dessert to feed 4-6 people. Please remember to bring a list of the ingredients in your dish on an index to be displayed for others' interest. Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited at Harford Glen. Leashed dogs are welcome. Contact Drew at (410) 366-8343 or vrg@vrg.org for more information about this event or for directions.

This picnic is co-sponsored by SAAM (Students Against Animal Mistreatment) at Bel Air High School. Call Mr. Becker at (410) 638-4600 for more information about SAAM's activities.

Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival

The third annual Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival will be held on August 14th from 10am until 4pm in the historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. This outdoor event will include restaurant booths, cooking demonstrations, food samples, live music, and children's activities. Howard Lyman, will be attending and signing copies of his recent book Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From The Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat. Jeannie McStay, VRG's catalog manager, will be staffing the VRG booth at the event. For more information about the festival contact Dave Norris, with Voices for Animals, at (804) 979-2011 or e-mail him at vfa@rlc.net

If you are going to be attending the event, or traveling through the area, and would like a listing of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in central Virginia, send an e-mail to vrg@vrg.org with "Virginia Restaurants" in the subject line and we will reply with a listing.

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

On Saturday, September 25, 1999, the Fourth Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival will be held. The event is scheduled for 10am until 6pm at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center at 1350 Tremont Street. There will be free food, free parking, and free admission. With many retail exhibitors, cooking demonstrations, speakers, and children's activities, this should be a great event to attend. For further information contact Evelyn Kimber at:(617) 424 8846 or foodfest@mit.edu. You can also visit the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival website at http://mit.edu/vsg/foodfest99/

Compassionate Living Festival

Culture and Animals Foundation 14th Annual Compassionate Living Festival will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, October 1st-3rd, 1999. Speaking will be Howard Lyman, Richard Ryder, Joanne Stepaniak, J.P. Goodwin, Susan Jones, Jonathan Balcombe, Michael Magler, Susan McElroy, Carl Phillips, and Tom Regan. There will be presentations on veganism; fur; direct action; students' rights; the history of animal rights; and cats, dogs, and other animals as spiritual teachers. All meals are vegan. For more information write Culture and Animals Foundation, 3509 Eden Croft Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 or call (919) 782-3739.


There are some new vegetarian convenience foods available. For those who crave vegan macaroni and cheese, ChReese has developed two new products. Their whole wheat macaroni and ChReese is already a popular lunch item around the VRG offices, and now we can also choose from semolina shells and ChReese and brown rice penne and ChReese. The ChReese sauce is made from nutritional yeast, organic flour, organic herbs, and sea salt. For more information visit Road's End Organics' website at http://www.chreese.com or call their toll-free number 1-877-CHREESE

Tasty Bite recently debuted several new vegan meals in their line of "boil-in-the-bag" products. The line of Indian meals includes Bombay Potatoes (chick peas and potatoes in a tomato based sauce), Jodhpur Lentils (lentils with onion, tomato, garlic and coriander), Bengal Lentils (lentils in a gravy of herbs and spices), and Simla Potatoes (potatoes with onions and spices). They now have three kinds of curry sauces (Moglai, Rogan Josh, and Vindaloo) to add to vegetables or tofu, and four new curry pastes in jars. They have also expanded into a line of Thai entrees that are ready to heat and eat. These include Bangkok Red Curry, Patong Yellow Curry, Siam Green Curry, and Tom Yum Soup. For more information go to the Tasty Bite website at http://www.tastybite.com


Vegetarian (Vegan) Nature Trip to Costa Rica

On February 14 - 23, 2000, Club Veg, a vegetarian group in Binghamton, NY, and Sawtelle Travel, will be hosting a vegan nature trip to Costa Rica.

Travelers will journey to Costa Rica's rain forests and cloud forests, and spend time walking on botanical, waterfall and canopy trails. The riverboat rain forest safari will glide along the shaded banks of a quiet river, watching herons, turtles, crocodiles and other wildlife. Additional planned activities include viewing an active volcano at night, relaxing in hot springs warmed by thermal waters, and touring a cavern, filled with marine fossils and many species of bats, spiders and crickets. Travelers will visit a fruit market, and shop for souvenirs in the mountain town of Sarchi, a craft center where one can view artisans at work. There will be a visit to San Jose City, with a Museum Tour and dinner at a vegetarian restaurant.

Lodging has been arranged at a hotel that has a beautiful view of the rain forest and ocean, and a hotel that has a view of the Arenal Volcano. If you've always dreamed of going to Costa Rica, this is the trip you've been waiting for. Contact: Sawtelle Travel at (607) 729-6300 or email Rick Marsi at Sawtelle@spectra.net. For questions about food, contact Amie Hamlin, Club Veg Director, at clubveg@aol.com.


The September / October 1999 Vegetarian Journal contains articles on:

a) Glorious Garlic, by Jacqueline Dunnington.
b) Snack Attack, by Mary Clifford.
c) A review of Tofu Tollbooth, a guide to natural foods stores by songwriter Dar Williams, by Michael Vogel.
d) Fiesta Filipino, by Nancy Berkoff.
e) Shizuka Tsuruta: A Vegetarian Life in Japan, by Hiroko Kato.
f) Vegetarianism in Japan, by Hiroko Kato.
g) Vegetarian Cinophile, by Emanuel Goldman.
h) Guide to Grains.
i) Nutrition Hotline: Sodium content in meat analogs, B-12 deficiency, and much more.

The Journal features informational and recipe articles, product and book reviews, news for vegetarian activists, and up-to-date information about vegetarian health and nutrition. If you are not currently a subscriber to the Vegetarian Journal, why not subscribe today?

Subscriptions to Vegetarian Journal are $20/year in the US (please inquire for subscription rates outside the US). Accepted forms of payment, all in US funds, are Visa, MasterCard, checks drawn on US banks, and postal money orders. When joining, please send us your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. If paying by credit card, please include the card number and expiration date.

If you join online at http://www.vrg.org/journal/subscribe.htm for $30 or more, you will receive a FREE copy of the VEGAN HANDBOOK, a $20 value! (US addresses only)

If you chose to join by mail, subscriptions should be directed to: The Vegetarian Resource Group PO Box 1463 Dept 2 Baltimore, MD 21203 Phone: (410) 366-8343 Fax: (410) 366-8804 E-mail: vrg@vrg.org


The vegetarian movement lost a true leader recently. Her name was Audrey Fluke. In the fall of 1982, Audrey was one of five founding members of The Vegetarian Resource Group. From the very start Audrey and her late husband were a positive force behind this organization. In addition, in her earlier years Audrey had been active in the British vegetarian movement.

Audrey was born in England and was a nurse. It's no surprise that she chose this profession. She was an extremely caring individual, always offering words of support. Even when Audrey was going through adversity, she was always cheerful and encouraging of others. This made a tremendous difference to numerous people including the VRG staff, and was unique in a world where many individuals are critical and negative. The Vegetarian Resource Group will give an annual award to a person who promotes vegetarian issues in a cheerful way and gives encouragement to others. First prize for 1999 is a $100 Savings Bond. To nominate an individual, send your name and address, the nominee's name and address, and a letter detailing how he/she has earned this honor. The deadline for nomination is November 30th of each year. Nomination letters become property of The Vegetarian Resource Group. Send your selection to Audrey Fluke Vegetarian Award, The Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203 or via e-mail at vrg@vrg.org. Donations to this fund are also greatly appreciated. Send donations to VRG, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.


Jack or Jill of all trades with good science background, writing skills, computer experience, and knowledge of vegetarian issues. About one-fourth of the job is to help keep computer software/hardware/network up to date and running smoothly. The other three-fourths of the job is to author and edit books, research and write articles, maintain and develop web site, respond to inquiries, answer e-mails, deal with media questions, and more. Familiarity with Windows NT, networking, HTML, and software/hardware support helpful. Must be a problem solver and enjoy troubleshooting computer issues. Full health and dental insurance. The job is in Baltimore. Send resume, writing sample, and cover letter to The Vegetarian Resource Group, Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.

8) RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Mushroom and Almond Pate

This recipe originally appeared in Peaceful Palate, by Jennifer Raymond.

Mushroom and Almond Pate
(makes about two cups)

Serve this pate with crackers or fresh sliced baguette

1 cup almonds
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
3 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms
3/4 teaspoon thyme leaves
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon black pepper

Toast the almonds in a 375 F oven until lightly browned, about 10 minutes. Cool.

Heat the olive oil in a skillet and sauté the onion and garlic three minutes. Add the mushrooms, thyme, salt, and black pepper and cook until the mushrooms are browned and any liquid has evaporated.

Use a food processor to grind the almonds into a paste. Add the mushroom mixture and continue to process until smooth. Chill before serving.

Total calories per serving: 32
Fat: 2 grams
Protein: 1 gram
Carbohydrate: 2 g
Sodium: 50 mg
Cholesterol: 0 mg

There are over 150 pages of vegan recipes and information in Peaceful Palate. Recipes include oatmeal waffles, chili potato soup, shepherd's pie, and pumpkin spice cookies. You can order a copy from VRG for $15 (includes special standard shipping). You can order a copy using the online order form https://skyport.net/vrg/order.htm or call (410) 366-8343 to order with a Visa or MasterCard over the phone.


Our health professionals, activists, and educators work with businesses and individuals to bring about healthful changes in your school, workplace, and community. Registered dietitians and physicians aid in the development of nutrition-related publications and answer member and media questions about vegetarian diets. The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization. Financial support comes primarily from memberships, donations, and book sales. The Vegetarian Journal, a bi-monthly print magazine, is a benefit of membership in The VRG. (For more information, please see the September/October 1999 Vegetarian Journal preview above.)

If you would like to make a donation, become a member, or find out more about The VRG, contact us at: The Vegetarian Resource Group PO Box 1463 Baltimore, MD 21203 Phone: (410) 366-8343 Fax: (410) 366-8804 E-mail: vrg@vrg.org Website: http://www.vrg.org


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