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Posted on October 18, 2011 by The VRG Blog Editor


We talked to 150 people at the Towson University Health Fair in October. We placed that many Vegetarian Journals into the hands of students and professors as they came to our booth, as well as guides where to eat locally and our new Vegan Plate handout. Interesting discussions included hiking vegetarian on the Appalachian Trail, our needs based internships, and why a religious Jewish person may have enough self control to never smoke on Sabbath or eat unkosher food, but can’t give up smoking other days or change her diet even if asked to by her doctor. Perhaps we can tap into this dedication to help people make healthy changes.

If you would like to have a table at your school or workplace health fair, please drop us a note at requesting literature to give out.

See for some of our handouts.


Thank you to Jane Wilson, RD who did a VRG booth at the Charlottesville (Virginia) Vegetarian Festival! Jane reported: It was wonderful to be doing something to represent and educate with materials that are so well done by the VRG. As a registered dietitian and vegetarian for 15 years/ vegan for 5 years, the VRG has been an outstanding resource for me and one that I recommend for my clients and others interested in eating a more plant based diet. Just like me, others never seem to get enough recipe ideas. The VRG staff have over the years done an outstanding job of publishing something for every need in their quarterly journal and many publications.

What I remember most about my tabling experience is the 8 year old young man that came to the booth and purchased a twenty-five cent button that read “Eating Meat Is Obsolete.” He freely volunteered that he had been vegan all of his life. When he said it, I could feel coming from him a gentleness and a love for his way of eating. Need I say more?

Thanks Jane for your work towards a healthier and more humane world!


Kudos to Mark Rifkin, MS, RD and Dorothy Kenny for volunteering and Debra Wasserman for filling in for an injured staff member at our Vegetarian Resource Group booth at Vegtoberfest in Baltimore. Besides the normal questions, Mark talked to a freshman college student who was interested in becoming a vegetarian dietitian. Thanks to Mark for inspiring and helping so many others!

If you would like handouts for your outreach booths, please drop Mary a note at

To support VRG outreach, please make a donation at

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