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Posted on April 23, 2015 by The VRG Blog Editor

The Vegetarian Resource Group received the following announcement:

I am writing to you from Shed Media, the TV production company behind ‘Child Genius’, ‘Super Nanny’ and the genealogy series ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. We are currently developing a second season of Child Genius – the popular docu-series that features some of America’s most gifted children and their families.

Providing the framework to the series will be the children’s involvement in a challenging nationwide academic competition. We are now looking for highly gifted/profoundly gifted children (aged 8-12) who would be interested to participate. The documentary series will profile children with exceptional IQs that often have abilities and interests far beyond their years. Parents will have a chance to talk about how their child’s extraordinary intelligence affects their daily lives and about some of the challenges they have faced in finding the right educational path for their child. The rigorous competition will take place during the summer vacation (July/early Aug). The winner will receive a substantial contribution to their college fund. The series will be aired on Lifetime.

We are particularly interested in featuring an all-vegetarian/vegan family as we feel it would be a great lifestyle to represent on TV.

-Christopher Lutz

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