Veggie-Friendly Memory Cards for Kids!


Objective: To collect pairs of matching cards.

  1. Shuffle the cards and place face down on a flat surface.
  2. Turn up two cards; if the cards match, collect and take another turn.
  3. If the cards don't match, flip the cards back down and next player goes (if there is more than one player).
  4. Play until all cards are collected; player who matches the most cards wins!


* paper and cardboard (or cardstock)
* scissors
* glue stick
* laminating sheets (optional)

Print the cards and glue to cardboard (or print onto cardstock). Remember that you need to print 2 copies of each page so that you have 2 of each image to match up. Cut out cards and laminate front side if desired.

Note: You can print a basic set of 32 cards (16 different images) or a more advanced set of 48 cards (24 different images).

Memory cards © 2009 Jessica Dadds