Vegetarian Journal 2003 Issue 2


Tofu Toppings
Jacqueline Dunnington offers incredible tofu-based toppings to put over vegetables, fruit, noodles, and more.
Beyond Strawberry Shortcake
Debra Daniels-Zeller puts a unique twist on the common shortcake.
2002 VRG Essay Contest Winners
Take a look at our second installment.
International Maritime Stews
Chef Nancy Berkoff shows you how to prepare vegan versions of traditional fish-based stews.
Vegan Menu for People with Diabetes
Nancy Berkoff, RD, explains the basics and provides a week's worth of menu ideas.


Nutrition Hotline
Learn about government-sanctioned protein choices for day care center meals.
Note from the Coordinators
Letters to the Editor
Vegan Cooking Tips
Terrific Tofu!
Veggie Bits
Scientific Update
Notes from the Scientific Department
Book Reviews
Vegetarian Action
Maryland State Fair Soyfoods Cooking Contest, by Susan Petrie.
New Product Reviews