Vegetarian Journal 2009 Issue 1


A Relaxing Weekend Brunch
Enjoy your days off more with meal ideas from Peggy Rynk.

"Teach...Your Children Well..."
Science educator and VRG Life Member Phil Becker develops a mini-course to teach high school students about vegetarianism.

Cooking With Maple Syrup
Habeeb Salloum infuses this sweet treat into dressings, entrées, side dishes, and of course desserts!

The Vegetarian Solution to Water Pollution
Jeanne Yacoubou, MS, considers some of the environmental impacts of raising cattle, based on the U.N. report Livestock's Long Shadow.

Rising Food Prices: What's a Vegan to Do?
Gail Nelson, MPH, RD, helps you stretch your grocery budget.

VJ's Essay Contest Entry


Nutrition Hotline
What are the differences between whole wheat and gluten-free flours?
Also, do all of these foods supplemented with iron pose a risk for my preschooler?

Note from the Coordinators

Letters to the Editors

Veggie Bits

Quick Cooking Tips
Quick Cornmeal, by Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE

Notes from The VRG Scientific Department

Scientific Update

Book Reviews


Vegetarian Action
Phil Becker