Vegetarian Journal 2009 Issue 3


From the Streets to Your Kitchen
Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE, introduces street vendor-friendly cuisine, including kabobs, dosas, chaat, tamales, and more.

A Review of A Sacred Duty
Emanuel Goldman, 'The Vegetarian Cinephile,' examines a documentary about why people should use fewer animal products.

Selecting Menus for Vegan Cancer Patients
In her latest Foodservice Update, Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, addresses the many challenges of feeding patients with cancer.

A Sample Vegan Meal Plan If You Are Eating at Restaurant Chains
Ed Coffin prepares you for your next road trip based on VRG's research about quick-service chains and their vegan offerings.


Nutrition Hotline
How many children are vegetarian? Why do nutritional values for greens seem to vary so much? And which foods are best for vegans with herpes zoster?

Note from the Coordinators

Letters to the Editors

Scientific Update

Notes from The VRG Scientific Department

VRG Testifies for the 2010 Dietary Guidelines

Vegan Cooking Tips
Late Summer Fruit, by Chef Nancy Berkoff

Vegan Dinner in Denver/VRG's Call-A-Dietitian Day

Veggie Bits

Book Reviews


Vegetarian Action
Ontario's Vegetarian Food Bank, by Yvette Zandbergen

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