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Introduction to Vegetarian Nutrition and Food Service


Congratulations on enrolling in this vegetarian online course. Now you can get your veggies via the computer!
Let’s do some housekeeping and get the details out of the way, so we can get on with the business of nutrition the vegetarian way.

OVERVIEW OF THE COURSE: This course is intended to acquaint the student with the vegetarian lifestyle. Topics will include types of vegetarians, recipe and menu design, careers in vegetarian food services, ethnic cuisines, ingredient selection, vegetarian nutrition and health trends, and vegetarian business topics. Originally designed as an advanced nutrition class for culinary students, the course has been expanded to include topics of interest for everyone interested in food, health, small business, and vegetarianism. The course is presented at college level, for students interested in both vegetarianism and in understanding the workings of the health and food service industries.

PREREQUISITES: a basic understanding of nutrition (equivalent to a college level introductory nutrition course for non-majors) is recommended, but not required. Ability to type coherently for submission of assignments and exams. Since this course will cover both the nutritional aspects and business aspects of vegetarianism, students should be interested in learning both aspects.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE
(213) 763-7331 (Pacific time) office hours Monday-Thursday, 7-8 am or by arrangement
P.O. Box 13034 Long Beach, CA 90803

REQUIRED MATERIALS (and how to get them) There are two required texts for this course
1. Simply Vegan (D. Wasserman, 1997)
2. Vegan in Volume (N.D. Berkoff, 2000)
These books can be purchased directly from The Vegetarian Resource Group via our online bookstore. Simply Vegan is $13 and Vegan in Volume $20. To order over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard, call (410) 366-8343 M-F 9-5 (Eastern time). You can also send a check to The VRG, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.
Please call (410) 366-8343 if you have any questions.
The books will be sent RPS/UPS or USPS.

Recommended (not required materials) include:
A basic nutrition or biology text (for reference)
Access to current food and health books and magazines, such as Prevention, Vegetarian Times, Food and Wines, local newspaper food sections (many times can be found online, such as Philadelphia Inquirer Food Section and LA Times Food Section), ethnic and vegetarian cookbooks, etc. Check out your local public or college library, as well as online resources.

The student needs to have regular access to the web and e-mail and must be able to submit class assignments and exams to the instructor via e-mail, snail mail or in person.

LECTURE DELIVERY Lectures will be posted on the web at and students may access them at any time and as many times as they like. If students have any difficulty accessing the lectures, please contact

VRG Enrollment Fee
The enrollment fee to take this course is $100 ($90 for VRG members). You can enroll over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard, call (410) 366-8343 M-F 9-5 (Eastern time) or e-mail You can also send a check to The VRG, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.
Please call (410) 366-8343 if you have any questions.

Students can e-mail
Phone (213) 763-7331 (Pacific Time). Office hours Monday-Thursday, 7-8 am or by arrangement
Or write P.O. Box 13034, Long Beach, CA 90803

Be sure to check in with the instructor periodically and be sure to answer instructor’s e-mails or written notes promptly! Be sure to notify instructor of any change of e-mail or physical address.

For students who would like to submit assignments: assignments are due when posted on the lecture schedule. Information on how to obtain the final exam will be posted on Lecture 18. The final exam must be submitted to the instructor no later than two weeks after Lecture 18 is viewed.

Basic information about class projects is listed below. There will be more information provided, such as forms, resources, etc., as the course progresses

1. LABEL PROJECT (worth 20 points) (due on Lecture 11)

2. SUPERMARKET PROJECT (worth 20 points) (due on Lecture 13) 3. MENU PROJECT (worth 20 points) (due on Lecture 16) FINAL EXAM (worth 40 points)
Information on obtaining the final exam will be posted on Lecture 18 (the final lecture). Please submit the completed final exam in the same way you submitted your projects (e-mail or snail mail).

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