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Growing Vegetarian Demands Incite Softgel Development

Posted on August 06, 2012 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Shelby Jackson, VRG Intern

The growing demand for vegetarian softgels in America, Europe, and Asia has caused Fenchem Biotek, a Chinese Firm, to launch gelatin-free softgels. The rising demand can be attributed to cultural and religious values in Asia, as well as food safety concerns in the US and EU. Animal- derived products raise concerns due to their affiliation with mad cow disease and prion diseases. Some of the vegetarian softgels developed by Fenchem include lecithin, Q10, lutein, and natural vitamin E. “Vegetarian softgels have a bright future,” according to Fenchem marketing representative Shawn Hua. Softgels are beneficial because they assure an “ideal dosage form of oils and poorly absorbed products in the food supplement industry,” says Hua. Fenchem claims vegetarian softgels are particularly advantageous because of their longer shelf-life due to better water resistance and adhesiveness. Mass production of Fenchem vegetarian softgels will ensue at the end of 2012.

1. Culliney, K. Soaring vegetarian demands spur Fenchem softgel development. FOOD 2012. Available at: Accessed July 25, 2012.

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