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Vegan Options at SaladWorks

Posted on July 10, 2015 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Anne Custer

SaladWorks prides themselves in claiming to be the first and largest fresh-tossed salad franchise. Eat it in store or take it to go, all items are made-to-order right in front of you. Eating vegan there is particularly easy, especially with their helpful website. Go to, click “Allergens,” then select your allergens or dietary restrictions and you have yourself a list of all menu items that are safe for you to eat. They even have a section where they offer modifications for menu items that can be made vegan or allergen free. If you don’t want to go to the website yourself, here is a list of items considered to be vegan. I did discover that three of the dressings listed honey as an ingredient, so those will not be included on this list. There are a few items listed as containing enzymes and natural ingredients. I have reached out to SaladWorks to verify that these are from vegan sources, but have not heard a response.

I’ve eaten at SaladWorks a few times and thoroughly enjoyed my fresh, customizable meal. I will advise you to not be overwhelmed with all your options and put them all on one salad. It will still be a hearty meal, but some of the flavor combinations will not compliment each other. I was caught in this trap the first time I went, but I figured my way out and now know how to order a delicious salad.

Here is my order:

·Green Peppers
·Sunflower Seeds
·Balsamic Vinaigrette

Another great thing about the website is you can plug in your order to get the nutrition information! My salad is 230 calories with 12 grams of plant protein. Customize yours at:

As for vegan menu items:


Garden Deluxe


Baby Fresh Mix
Fresh Spinach
Romaine/Iceberg Blend


Apple Chips
Chow Mein Noodles
Glazed Pecans (Made with brown sugar)
Sunflower Seeds
Tortilla Chips
All Vegetables


Balsamic Vinaigrette
Classic French
Italian Vinaigrette
Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette
Oriental Sesame


Spring Vegetable
Three Bean Chili


Spicy Brown Mustard

Breads (contain enzymes except focaccia breads):

Wheat Focaccia
Wheat Rolls
White Flour Tortilla
White Focaccia
White Rolls
Whole Wheat Tortillas

Carvery Dressings (Select Locations):

Nutty Sesame
Balsamic Dijon


Greek Salad, No feta
Caprese Panini, No garlic spread or cheese

For more information about dining at chain restaurants, visit:

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