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Is it reasonable to travel to Germany as a vegan?

Posted on August 03, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


By Alicia Hückmann, VRG intern visiting from Germany

Is it reasonable to travel to Germany as a vegan? Absolutely yes! Even though typical German cuisine – Schnitzel, Bratwurst, Spätzle, etc. – is not exactly plant-based, we have developed our very own vegan culture inspired by both international cuisines and our own traditions. As a result, German cities are among the best places to visit as an open-minded vegan person.

Let me make one thing clear first: We are by far not a vegan nation. Each year, over 750 million animals get killed in our slaughterhouses so that the average citizen can indulge in their annual 190 pounds of meat. As a result, Germany has become one of the most unhealthy, overweight countries in the world.

Despite all this, our vegan community has been growing rapidly in the past few years – and so has the variety of plant-based products. Most German supermarket chains do not only label vegetarian and vegan products, some major chains like Edeka, Tegut and Kupsch actually have exclusively vegan sections. The products you find there –meat alternatives, plant-based beverages, yogurt, whipped cream, chocolate, spreads and many, many more items – are not only 100% cruelty-free but also mostly organic and non-GMO. By the way, did you know that Veganz, the first and only exclusively vegan supermarket chain in Europe was actually founded in Germany?

Germans are pretty obsessed with organic products (fun fact: Even junk food giants like McDonald’s manage to sell some in Germany), which is why organic supermarkets supporting local and seasonal farming, as well as small distribution companies, are so popular. Denn’s and Alnatura are among the most well-known chains, however there are also numerous family-owned businesses in nearly every city. Which are the craziest items I have discovered in these stores so far? Vegan vanilla blueberry apple pie ice cream and green smoothie sorbet (both by Das Eis).

If I was planning on dining out a lot, I would avoid the German countryside. Some touristic areas like the Bavarian Forest are great for hiking and skiing but their restaurants are not exactly vegetarian-, let alone vegan-friendly. Good news is that most hostels have a fully equipped kitchen that allow you to prepare your own meals.

Every city, especially if there is a university, is safe to go as an herbivore. I study in Würzburg (population about 120,000), in which many restaurants, cafes, and bakeries offer vegan options. Since this summer, we even have an ice cream parlor that makes amazing vegan sundaes. Check in advance if the place you’re traveling to has a veggie blog or a facebook group to get insider tips!

There is one city in particular that I would call a must-see for every proper vegan: Berlin. According to, Berlin is not only Europe’s herbivore capital with more genuinely vegan restaurants than any other city but it has also been voted the vegan-friendliest city worldwide by the website’s users. Rightly so – you’ll find anything from vegan festivals to wedding cakes; from cupcake shops to cocktail bars. You can even go on a donation-based vegan culinary sightseeing tour ( if you like.

Enjoy your trip to Germany!

Some helpful German words and phrases for your trip:

vegan/Veganer: vegan/a vegan
vegetarisch/Vegetarier: vegetarian/a vegetarian
Bio (bee-oh): organic
Ich esse kein Fleisch: I don’t eat meat.
Ich esse keine Tierprodukte: I don’t eat animal products.
Haben Sie vegane/vegetarische Produkte? Do you have any vegan/vegetarian products?
Enthält das Fleisch/Milch/Eier/Honig? Does this contain meat/milk/eggs/honey?
Kann das auch vegan zubereitet werden? Is there a vegan version of this meal?

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