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The Vegetarian Resource Group at the Waverly Farmers Market in Baltimore

Posted on August 18, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


By Alicia Hückmann, VRG intern visiting from Germany

The VRG had a booth at the 32nd Street Farmers Market in Baltimore – also known as Waverly Farmers Market – to spread information about the benefits of vegan diets. Farmers markets are known to draw many health-conscious consumers as well as those that are ecologically aware, which was why Casey, another VRG intern, and I looked forward to spending our Saturday morning in Waverly. It would be a very successful day for us indeed, as dozens of people would stop to grab some brochures, stickers, or a Vegetarian Journal, sign up for our monthly email newsletter, and have a chat with us. Among them were a mostly vegan family, several people interested in tackling diabetes the vegetarian way, and two environmental activists. Others were looking for inspiration for new recipes, for vegan-friendly places to have dinner at, or simply wanted to share their experiences with us.

Over the course of the six hours we stayed at the market (6am – noon), we had enough opportunity also to go shopping for local products at other booths. Different from what the term “farmers market” suggests based on my cultural experiences in Germany, one could not only buy fruits, vegetables, and animal products, but also French bread, pastry, cereals, snacks, and much more. My hands down favorite (and most likely everyone else’s), however, was a popsicle booth that prevented more than one heat-related fatality that day for sure (the heat index was over 100 degrees by noon!). I also loved the booth next to ours that was selling animal free sweet-smelling handmade soaps and other natural cosmetics.

As I greatly enjoyed both booths I have volunteered at so far (Hamilton Street Festival and Waverly Farmers Market), I am all the more excited to be among the representatives for The VRG at the 3rd Vegan Soulfest in Baltimore on Saturday (August 20th).

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