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Veganism in an Unlikely Place: Veganism in Vinted or Other Online Stores

Posted on January 06, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor


By Natalie Allen, VRG Intern

Veganism can be implemented everywhere, from the most unlikely places like hanging up an animal rights poster at McDonald’s, to talking about veganism on online forums like the one on the shopping website Vinted. Vinted is an online used clothing store. Anyone from the United States can list and sell, swap, or buy used clothing from people across the country.

Vinted is an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to keep up with the latest fashion trends without bursting one’s wallet. Vinted is a lot like other online services for selling used clothes; however, Vinted has some unique features that set themselves apart. Vinted has its own online forum. On this forum anything is possible. Vinted users can ask for advice or give advice, answering questions from dieting to dating. This is where the vegan (myself) comes in. If someone asks, “What is the best way to lose weight while still being healthy?” I always respond with, “Go Vegan!” However, often times I am shot down. People would write back saying, “That’s too hard” or “I love meat too much,” (all too much a recurrence of what happens offline). As an experienced vegan I know that going vegan is not hard as long as you are educated on the benefits veganism can bring to your health, the environment, and the animals. By sending reference links to the Vegetarian Resource Group’s Blog or recommending educational books and documentaries, I hope to get my point across to at least one woman in need.

However, the forums are not the only place to spread the word. By listing items as vegan on Vinted, it is a subtle way to evoke viewer’s emotions and get them thinking about the subject. For example, one of my listings reads, “Vegan Leather Handbag.” This not only intrigues fellow health-conscious buyers, but those who are curious as to why this product must be labeled as “vegan.” Recently, I have seen companies begin to label their products as “vegan” in stores. Although one can infer a twenty dollar handbag is probably not made out of leather, this appeal intrigues customers and often times makes myself and other vegans more willing to purchase a product. The sale tactic is a great way to bring attention to a product.

Vinted also allows sellers to include hashtags on the items they list. Sellers add hashtags such as, “#cute, #fashion, #blue, #dress, etc.” to bring more attention to their listings. One who is looking for a specified product can search, “#vegan, #crueltyfree, #organic, etc.” to find products they may be interested in. The hashtag feature enables me to market my items directly towards the vegan shopper. The money made on Vinted can also be extended to support veganism. Profits made may go towards new vegan-friendly products or be donated to an animal rights or vegan charity.

Overall, Vinted is a great website to sell used clothing items that you don’t want, but someone else does. The concept specifically allows veganism to be implemented, through forums, titles, and hashtags. These subtle ways in which veganism is highlighted oftentimes is the most effective. It allows people to think about it without realizing it. This proves that veganism and animal rights can be brought to attention anywhere and at any time. Don’t ever get discouraged if someone shoots down your advice because there is always going to be someone who eats it right up.
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