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Posted on May 25, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor

DC Greenfest_ Julia Mathew, Casey Brown, and Laneece Hurd

Recently, we had the opportunity to represent The Vegetarian Resource Group at the Green Festival in Washington D.C. This is a nationwide event that promotes green living and sustainability, and it features many exhibitors including vegan product companies and animal welfare organizations. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of vegans and vegetarians that were present at this festival. It was exciting to learn that several of these individuals were long-time members of The Vegetarian Resource Group. There were also many non-vegans who came to our table with open minds, and were ready to be educated on the many benefits of a meat-free lifestyle. They left with several copies of The VRG’s Vegetarian Journal, informative flyers and brochures, and a fresh new perspective and consideration for this lifestyle.

We both really enjoyed this event because we were able to have some great conversations about a wide variety of topics relating to veganism. We spoke with many people that were interested in transitioning to veganism or vegetarianism. Most of these individuals had similar concerns and were either not sure what to cook or how to remain healthy on a vegan/vegetarian diet. We were able to provide them with recipes found in Vegetarian Journal and our ‘Multi-Veggie Burger’ recipe card. A number of people also found our recipe books interesting, specifically our Meatless Meals for Working People cookbook, which provides simple and quick recipes that are perfect for busy lifestyles. One lady stopped by to show her friend our book, Vegan in Volume, which she used to distribute to hospitals, so they could prepare vegan options in large quantities.

In terms of health, a number of people were curious as to where vegans receive their protein. We were able to inform them of the abundance of plant protein sources and provide them with a copy of our “Veganism in a Nutshell” brochure, which lists plant sources of many common nutrients. A few parents also stopped by to learn more about vegan nutrition and cooking for their children and found the “Pediatric Manual of Clinical Dietetics” vegetarian chapter and our “Vegan Nutrition for Teenagers” brochures to be very helpful. One student stopped by and was excited to receive a copy of the Vegetarian Journal since it featured an article about being vegan in Thailand. She explained that she is going to be studying abroad in Thailand next year, so she was excited to learn more about how she could remain vegan while she was there.

Although this event was held in Washington D.C., our Baltimore Veggie Dining Guide was very popular among this crowd. Many people were interested in learning more about veg-friendly dining in the area, and we were also pleased to inform them that a complete restaurant guide, covering the U.S. and Canada, can be found on our website: One family mentioned that they found our restaurant guide to be extremely helpful during their recent vacation in Colorado.

We also spoke with other organizations including individuals who held summer camps and were interested in having the VRG come speak to the kids to teach them about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. As usual, children loved receiving our “I Love Animals and Broccoli” coloring books, and they were very excited that we had something fun for them. One child also picked up our “Be Kind to Animals, Don’t Eat Them” sticker, and stated that he agreed with the message. It was exciting to see future generations already being so conscious of their decisions.

We both had a great time connecting with new people and spreading the message of veganism at this event. Next, you can find us at the Central Pennsylvania Vegfest in Lancaster, PA on Saturday, June 3rd.

VRG will be at the Ft. Lauderdale Green Festival Saturday and Sunday, December 2 and 3, 2017. See:!ahnesti

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