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How Young Vegans Can Find Vegan Friends through Social Media

Posted on November 20, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Ilana Wolf

Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is harder if you feel like the only vegan in your school or town. Young vegans are already dealing with finding themselves and making friends, now add on a lifestyle change. Being vegan doesn’t mean you can only socialize with other vegans, but the connection can help make the lifestyle seem less isolating. Instagram is one of the greatest tools for finding friends. The vegan community on Instagram is huge and spans across the world. I created a second account just for my food as a way to become part of the online community. Since creating my account, I’ve connected with so many wonderful people, all passionate about living a more cruelty-free life.

When communicating with people online, be careful about what information you give out. Do not give out personal contact information. Remember that everything on the internet is public and doesn’t go away. Future employers and colleges will see this information and what you post today, will still affect you in the future. If you’re meeting someone new, talk to a parent first, don’t go alone, and, make sure someone knows where you are and that it’s in a public place. Don’t assume an online profile is true.

If you’re a little hesitant about reaching out, start by following more accounts. Begin liking and commenting on their photos and you’ll see how friendly people are. To find more people in your area, check out local vegan restaurants and cafés. I like looking through their tagged photos to see posts from people in the area. Even if you’re still in school, and feel alone being vegan, there’s a whole world of people out there who share your passion. Don’t be afraid to look outside of your town for friends. You might be surprised at how many people 10 minutes away, that you would never have met, share the same interests as you.

Another tip is to look for potlucks and meet-up groups through Instagram, Facebook, and Meetup. If you look on Meetup, you can search by location and use vegan as a keyword to see what’s around. I’ve been to meet-ups in my state and nearby city that I’ve found just through Instagram posts. We’re all looking for connections, no matter how old we are. Through social media, I’ve met friends younger and older than me. Sometimes it’s just commenting on someone’s post, or mutually following each other, or maybe you become really good friends. It’s all about making a vegan lifestyle a lifelong commitment you’re excited about.

Becoming vegan has forced me to seek out new friendships. If you’re open to meeting new people you will find them. Search for local vegan or animal protection organizations and look for upcoming events. Volunteering at events is another great way to network and meet new people. Check to see if there are events at local restaurants.

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