Meatless Meals for Working People


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Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes
Fourth Edition

by Debra Wasserman and Charles Stahler
ISBN 0-931411-29-7
192 pages, recycled paper
Recipes, Charts, General Information

What if you want to be a vegetarian and don't have much time?

Nutritionists recommend using whole grains and fresh fruits whenever possible. However, for the busy working person this is not always a reality.

Meatless Meals for Working People by Debra Wasserman shows you how to be a vegetarian within your hectic schedule. This book features 100 quick and easy recipes, convenient frozen food ideas, and a chapter on fast packaged foods. A vegetarian spice chart, vegan meal plan, and seasonal party ideas for twelve assist the reader who wants to do more.

Fast meals include Rigatoni Combination and Easy Tostadas. Just a few of the lunch ideas are Mock "Tuna" Salad, Rice Burgers, and Corn Fritters. For dessert try Coconut Clusters, Rice Pudding, Fresh Fruit Salad with Peanut Creme, and Spicy Date Nut Spread.

A special section of Meatless Meals gives you answers about what vegetarian foods you can eat or should avoid at 80 fast food and quick service chains. For example, more and more Subway restaurants around the country are now offering a veggie burger. Most Taco Bells will be happy to make a bean burrito for you, and the beans don't contain lard. Papa John's says their sauce contains no animal fat or flavors. In 1997, Burger King introduced French fries cooked in vegetable shortening that have not been pre-treated with animal fat.

Also helpful is the chapter, Vegetarianism on the Job. A computer programmer, sports writer, accountant, and others share ideas on how they cope with being vegetarian in the workplace.

Vegetarianism is the abstinence of meat, fish, and fowl. Like other types of cooking, vegetarianism can be simple or complicated, expensive or inexpensive, and use food that can be only bought in natural food stores or foods that can be purchased in your local supermarket. This revised edition of Meatless Meals for Working People shows you how to be a vegetarian when you have little time. Over 50,000 copies of the first edition are in print.

Meatless Meals writer Debra Wasserman is author of Simply Vegan (over 80,000 sold) and Managing Editor of Vegetarian Journal.

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