The 4-Ingredient Vegan


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By Maribeth Abrams with Anne Dinshah

Some cooks are intimidated by recipes with a long list of ingredients. Now, there’s a cookbook that meets their needs. The 4-Ingredient Vegan includes recipes with only four main ingredients, plus herbs, spices, water or broth, oil, and similar flavor enhancers.

For example, the Morning Meals section includes Cashew French Toast made from non-dairy milk, cashews, oats, and whole-grain bread, as well as a Baked Bean and Tater Casserole that contains only baked beans, tater tots, and your choice of veggies. The Fiesta Rice Salad consists of brown rice, corn, black beans, and cilantro salsa. The Baked Artichoke Dip calls for spinach, artichoke hearts, vegan mayonnaise, and garlic, while the Hazelnut-Yam Pâté includes hazelnuts, mashed yams, chickpeas, and light miso.

Other options include the Mediterranean Penne, which requires penne, vegan mayonnaise, tahini, and capers. The Stuffed Bell Peppers consist of brown rice, bell peppers, vegan chili, and salsa. And for dessert, try the Pear-fect Strudel, with Bartlett pears, dried apricots, pumpkin pie spice, and phyllo dough.

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