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This bulletin board allows you to discuss any aspect of vegetarian related travel. Do you want to share your experiences after returning from a terrific cruise? Good or bad airline food? A wonderful vegetarian bed and breakfast? For information on how to use the bulletin board, including adding HTML tags, read About the Travel Bulletin Board.

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Any Vegetarian Restaurant in East Fishkill, NY
Vegan B&B Amsterdam
Wonderful Vegetarian and Vegan food while whale and birdwatching
Thanksgiving week available - Omni Cancun - 11/23-11/30
a troubled vegetarian on long island
Las Vegas
Vegetarian B&Bs in London
Resort in Costa Rica
Vegetarian Travel in Hawaii
Re: Amsterdam/Italy-bound, and grateful for advice, please
Vegetarian Ecology Cruise on the Coast of Maine & Canadian Maritimes
VeganSpa In Ft. Lauderdale Florida
veg b&bs in the midwest
date fellow vegetarian in your city
Bari, Vegetarian cooking classes
VEGAS vegetarian
Vegan on Long Island
Vegan Cruising
Vegan options on cruise ships?
Vegetarian restaurants in Apulia
All Istanbul Hotels and Turkey Hotels Reservation
Vegetarian Food anywhere
Vegan in Costa Rica
Veggie Dining in Cancun
Vegetarian B&B in France
Vegan in Barcelona
Food in India - Rajasthan
Pilgrimage in Japan
Recommendations: veggie inns in France
Istanbul Hotels Online
Teoma for vegetables
Vegetarian Festival in Phuket ,Thailand
vegetarian in Sicily
Re veggies in China

Posted By:Doris    email:

Subject: Any Vegetarian Restaurant in East Fishkill, NY


I will be posted to East Fishkill, NY in 2003. Would like to know if anyone is aware of or could offer any advise on where and how I will be able to get some vegetarian food or restaurant in the area or nearby vincinity ?

Mon Dec 9 09:30:53 2002 GMT

Posted By:Graham Bingham    email:

Subject: Vegan B&B Amsterdam

I would like to go to Amsterdam for a week in January with my wife and two kids (aged 4 & 8) Does anyone know of a decent vegetarian or vegan guesthouse which is child friendly --fairly central in amsterdam??
Sun Dec 8 18:53:38 2002 GMT

Posted By:kbl    email:

Subject: Bahamas

I am going to Nassau next week. I am wondering what I will find to eat as a vegetarian. I don't eat seafood...any ideas?
Thu Nov 21 21:35:16 2002 GMT

Posted By:Karen Miles    email:

Subject: Wonderful Vegetarian and Vegan food while whale and birdwatching

Please check out our vegetarian and vegan menu aboard the expedition vessel Wanderbird sailing the coasts of Maine, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador. Our website is and click on the "great food" page. Thank you and we would love to talk with you about taking a cruise with us!
Sun Nov 10 00:57:10 2002 GMT

Posted By:Greg    email:

Subject: Thanksgiving week available - Omni Cancun - 11/23-11/30

Due to circumstances, I have my luxury oceanview studio at the Omni Cancun for Thanksgiving week - 11/23-11/30. The Omni is a 5-star resort situated about 1/2-2/3 down the hotel zone where the beach is the best. It's one of the top rated resorts in Cancun. I have owned a unit at the Omni Cancun for several years now and always love going. A situation has come up that forces me to make this week available. Thanksgiving week is a very high demand week, but I'm offering it for only $700.

Remove the "no.spam" in profile to email with interest.

Thank you, Greg
Sat Nov 2 15:04:04 2002 GMT

Posted By:john    email:

Subject: a troubled vegetarian on long island

Pleas! e-mail a reccomendation for a GOOD MARKET TO GET FREAH VEGETABLES, HERBS AND SPICES. THe local supermarkets carry a poor selection I love cooking and can rarely find all the ingredients I seek.
Sat Oct 19 00:42:54 2002 GMT

Posted By:ed    email:

Subject: Las Vegas

I will be staying on the strip, is there any restaurants that have vege. dinners?
Thu Oct 10 01:37:10 2002 GMT

Posted By:Opie    email:

Subject: Vegetarian B&Bs in London

My husband and I (vegans) and my mother (omnivore, but good sport) are thinking about spending a week in London, England, over Christmas. While Jeff and I have had good experiences with vegie B&Bs in Great Britain in general, London is the exception. Also, my mother is leery of the idea of B&Bs, never having stayed in one, but she is willing to take a chance if I can assure her that it is "nice", that she'll have her own bathroom, etc. Any suggestions? It doesn't have to be right in the heart of the City, but we will be concentrating on the museums and other "indoors" sightseeing! Thanks!
Wed Sep 18 06:20:13 2002 GMT

Posted By:Helene Wirt    email:

Subject: Resort in Costa Rica

Hotel & Spa Casaelena, Yoga-Resort offers vegetarian cuisine, beauty treatments, sportactivities, horseback riding, tours, Yoga and meditation. The hotel has a breathtaking view over the pacific ocean, indoor pool 79x20 feet, Jacuzzi, steam room and is absolutly quiet. Vegans can be accomadated. Also programs for losing weight. We have special offers for November and for groups.
Thu Sep 5 22:32:41 2002 GMT

Posted By:Nancy    email:

Subject: Vegetarian Travel in Hawaii

We are traveling to Hawaii in March and wondering if we will be able to eat out at all. All of the resturants I see seem to go HEAVY on the pork and fats in general and light on vegies. Any suggestions for where to eat in Kauai, Hilo, or Honolulu. Would be much appreciated.

Wed Sep 4 16:37:40 2002 GMT

Posted By:Julie    email:

Subject: Re: Amsterdam/Italy-bound, and grateful for advice, please


Thanks in advance for your help.

My husband and I are looking forward to a first-time trip to Amsterdam, Florence and Rome in October.

Any advice/resources you might share (including where we might find phonetic Dutch and Italian vegetarian phrases) would be greatly appreciated!
Thu Aug 29 02:42:52 2002 GMT

Posted By:Karen Miles    email:

Subject: Vegetarian Ecology Cruise on the Coast of Maine & Canadian Maritimes

Greetings from the Maine Coast, We offer wildlife, ecology and expedition cruises on the coasts of Maine, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador. My husband, Rick & I are both active conservationists and hope to support conservation through low-impact tourism, research, education and awareness. Please see our web site at . We offer an intimate setting for twelve passengers aboard our spacious 90' vessel Wanderbird. We offer delicious scenery, beautiful classic wood interiors, a friendly and informal atmosphere along with gourmet food. I have been a vegetarian for twenty years and I am very pleased to accommodate vegetarians & special dietary needs aboard our new vessel Wanderbird! When travelling, good nutritious food has always been a challenge for me. We would love to take you sailing & serve you fresh & imaginative vegetarian meals! Thank you. Sincerely, Karen
Tue Aug 27 22:51:06 2002 GMT

Posted By:Anita    email:

Subject: VeganSpa In Ft. Lauderdale Florida

You must try Spa Atlantis Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It is vegan/vegetarian and the food is incredible. The trip is worth is for the food alone. Check it out Great Chef,warm friendly staff and state of the art fitness and health spa.
Sat Aug 24 16:06:27 2002 GMT

Posted By:Simon    email:

Subject: MALTA

I am trying to persuade my wife to go to Malta in October

Does anyone know how easy it is for vegetarians to eat well there?
Thu Aug 22 18:18:31 2002 GMT

Posted By:Mel    email:

Subject: Canaries/Balearics

having reecntly eaten at two of the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants I have ever discovered (unfortunately both in San Franciso - a long way from London) I am currently looking to take a vacation in wither the Canary Islands or the Balearics.

Does anyone have any recommendations for either hotels or restaurants in wihter of these locations?
Thu Aug 22 18:17:17 2002 GMT

Posted By:Liz    email:

Subject: veg b&bs in the midwest

We live in Cincinnati, Ohio and are looking for a place to have a short (and not too far away) get away. Does anyone know of veg accomodations within--let's say--4ish or fewer hours of Cincinnati? Thanks.
Sat Aug 17 04:32:44 2002 GMT

Posted By:marina

Subject: date fellow vegetarian in your city

Hi, there,

Welcome to

Here are thousands of vegans and vegetarians together. You can start anyone forum to discuss what you want, animal loving, environment protection, health and peace, recipes etc.

Please join us, making friends or starting a date with someone who has the same lifestyle as you.

all in the earth
Fri Aug 16 08:41:09 2002 GMT

Posted By:Grazia De Palma    email:

Subject: Bari, Vegetarian cooking classes

Hello, I offer hands-on vegetarian cooking classes on request in Bari. Write to me, if you are interested: I will also organize cooking classes in Vienna during the last week of November 2002.
Thu Aug 8 07:49:26 2002 GMT

Posted By:Niki    email:

Subject: VEGAS vegetarian

Please email me if there are some good restaurants to dine at in Vegas for a veg girl. Thanks!!! :)
Mon Aug 5 16:37:07 2002 GMT

Posted By:Sheryl    email:

Subject: Vegan on Long Island

Anybody have any tips for places to eat or get ready-made foods in Nassau County, New York? Thanks in advance.
Sun Jul 28 00:48:07 2002 GMT

Posted By:Donna Zeigfinger Green Earth Travel    email:

Subject: Volunteering

There are a few options that you can do and not worry about the food. One is a place in Costa Rica where you help teach children and learn spanish and the website is The other is on my website and is called Earthwatch. My website is If you want me to contact the sabalolodge you can email me here.
Tue Jul 16 22:10:55 2002 GMT

Posted By:Donna Zeigfinger Green Earth Travel    email:

Subject: Vegan Cruising

Just to let you know that Carnival and Royal Caribbean both have vegatarian menus but you will need to do some homework on vegan menus. I did notice that you posted on the "other travel bulletin board" and some of their information was outdated. Dolphin Cruise Lines has been out of business for over 2 yrs now. They were the best when it came to vegan cruising but they were bought out by I believe Norwegian Cruise lines and they do not do a good job at vegan menus. I can try to help you make a decision if you would like to contact me directly at
Tue Jul 16 22:04:42 2002 GMT

Posted By:Jo    email:

Subject: Volunteering

Anyone got any info on volunteering opportunities worldwide where being vegan isn't a problem? Thanks
Mon Jul 15 12:50:11 2002 GMT

Posted By:Joy    email:

Subject: Vegan options on cruise ships?

I am considering taking a cruise for the first time, and I'm wondering if, as a vegan, I'll be stuck eating nothing but lettuce the entire time. Does any one have any suggestions on cruise lines that are particularly vegan-friendly? It has to be a cruise line that sails out of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. I'm looking at Carnival or Royal Carribean in particular, so any info you have on them would be especially helpful. TIA!
Sun Jul 14 23:26:09 2002 GMT

Posted By:Natalie Hoerner    email:

Subject: Vegetarian restaurants in Apulia

There is one great vegetarian restaurant called Il Portico in Cisternino, Itria Valley, Apulia. You can book a stay in a trullo at Il Portico, too. You can book them through an Italian agency called Capeland
Tue Jun 18 16:14:12 2002 GMT

Posted By:istanbul hotels    email:

Subject: All Istanbul Hotels and Turkey Hotels Reservation

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Cem KANSAK TEL: 0090.535.743.4706 Group Hotels Sales Manager
Wed May 15 20:22:16 2002 GMT

Posted By:Alpana Parida    email:

Subject: Vegetarian Food anywhere

I work for a company that makes Indian and Thai Vegetarian /Vegan foood. The food comes packed in pouches that need no refrigeration and the food is all natural. Being a vegetarian myself, I usually carry this wherever I travel. I am amazed that this is not an alternative suggested when looking for vegetarian food in far flung places. I do not want to use this site to advertise this product, but if anyone is intetrested further, go to You can write to me if you want a special discount code.
Wed May 15 20:12:05 2002 GMT

Posted By:Patty    email:

Subject: Vegan in Costa Rica

This is very short notice--I leave for Costa Rica in four days-May 17, 02 but I was wondering if anyone has any info,and advice eating Vegan in Costa Rica. My home base will be Dominical on the West Coast and on weekends other places--hopefully to the Carribean side. Thanks to anyone who responds.
Mon May 13 20:59:31 2002 GMT

Posted By:VS    email:

Subject: Veggie Dining in Cancun


We'll be vacationing in cancun for seven days. Could anyone pl guide me for a proper veggie (or vegan) places in (and around Cancun ?)

Thanks a lot VS
Mon May 6 15:11:10 2002 GMT

Posted By:Laura    email:

Subject: Vegetarian B&B in France

The Moulin Foulon is a great vegetarian Bed &Breakfast in Normandy, about 3 hrs from Paris by car.
Wed May 1 21:45:25 2002 GMT

Posted By:Laura    email:

Subject: oops!

Sorry about that- her name is Pamela Wheatley, and she is a wonderful host, cook, and human being. I highly recommend going there. Telephone: 33 2 33 35 55 46. Email me if you want more information. You might also want to buy the book called "Guide des Restaurants Bio et/Ou Végétariens de France", published by Editions La Plage, . That's where I found out about Le Moulin Foulon. Good luck with your vacation planning!
Wed May 1 21:41:17 2002 GMT

Posted By:Sarah    email:

Subject: Vegan in Barcelona

Does anyone have recommendations of where to stay and eat as vegans in Barcelona?

Many thanks!
Fri Apr 26 19:54:25 2002 GMT

Posted By:sriram    email:

Subject: Food in India - Rajasthan

I enjoyed reading thru the travel tips! Nice!

I just finished a backpack trip to north India (amritsar - wagha-dalhousie-shimla-kalka-jaipur-bikaner-jaisalmer-udaipur-mount abu) and have put the travelogue on

There is some info on tibetan food at Mc Leod ganj and on Rajasthani food
Tue Apr 23 13:13:43 2002 GMT

Posted By:Cate Feldman    email:

Subject: Pilgrimage in Japan

I am writing to let you know of an exciting and unique vegetarian travel experience that will take place in September, 2002 - a pilgrimage through western Japan, dedicated to the Bodhisattva of Compassion Kannon (Kwan Yin). This pilgrimage is not sponsored by any religious association, but is a personal initiative based on my own extensive experience of this pilgrimage and the interest expressed by others in sharing it. All the meals are Buddhist vegetarian cuisine - a gourmet delight! Further information may be obtained from the following website: . Metta, Cate Feldman
Fri Apr 19 07:34:41 2002 GMT

Posted By:Tom LeGrand

Subject: Recommendations: veggie inns in France

Hi -

We're looking for an inn, B&B or resort village in France with vegetarian options on their menus, located outside of Paris to spend several days this summer (couple with 6-year old daughter). Does anyone know of any good addresses (and web sites), in English or in French? Thanks very much. Tom
Tue Apr 16 21:06:07 2002 GMT

Posted By:eray    email:

Subject: Istanbul Hotels Online

Istanbul Hotels Online is simply to provide you with the best hotels accommodation in Istanbul, Car Rental Services (with/without driver) in all over Turkey, Customized Tours, Private Guiding Services, Transfer Services and information about Istanbul.
Thu Apr 11 01:02:00 2002 GMT

Posted By:Mark    email:

Subject: Teoma for vegetables

I doubt any of you know about the newest search engine that just came out earlier in the week, it is not only very good at searching out deals on travel (cheap tickets, hotels, etc...)but suprisingly it is also great for information and recipes on vegetables, you wont believe it til you see it.
Thu Apr 4 22:08:49 2002 GMT

Posted By:vgboy    email:

Subject: Vegetarian Festival in Phuket ,Thailand

Hi everybody i'm vegetarian in thailand and i want to success you to Vegetarian Festival in Phuket ,Thailand it's wonderfull festival and have vegeterian food form over the world in my country it's call " Kin J Festival or Kin J Days " this festival come form china by chiniese-thai people and everyone in phuket will vegetarian This festival is very cool and fantasy very mush if you are Vegetarian i will success and must don't miss to come this festival

-------------------------------------------------------- for more infomation and how to come to phuket i will success to it's infomation website for phuket and lowprize for accomodation and more infomation in thailand please come to

thank very mush for read me :)
Sun Mar 24 13:41:03 2002 GMT

Posted By:Sal    email:

Subject: vegetarian in Sicily

I am vegetarian since 27 years, I find very easy not having meat meals in our Island. We are a French Italian couple, we run in SICILY a SCIACCA TERME in the middle of the ancient Greek temples itinerary our self catering accommodation, (fully equipped, 1 or 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and patio or garden) situated in an old farm house recently renovated & fully heated. 1 Km. from town center, 2 miles from the sea,

Renting a self catering apartment is a great way to save money, especially if you are vegetarian. You have all the advantages of independence, privacy and comfort.

You can receive friends and put them up. You can cook your own meals or buy pizza from a local pizzeria to eat at home. If you choose to eat out instead there are restaurants everywhere

We speak English and French. Please visit our site:
Sun Mar 24 07:38:28 2002 GMT

Posted By:Jill    email:

Subject: Re veggies in China

I spent 3 weeks in China, mostly in Sichuan and ate loads of great veggie food. Our cunning trick was to persuade a chinese friend to write the characters for "we are vegetarian, we don't eat meat or fish, not even a little bit, we like tofu, peanuts, mushrooms, rice, and all types of vegetables" it worked a treat!!
Fri Mar 15 13:08:35 2002 GMT

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