Letters to the Editors

Vegan Eating on a Carnival Cruise

We just went on a Carnival Cruise (Triumph). The staff was amazing. They created a custom vegan meal for our son every night, using tofu and quinoa. The chef viewed it as creative freedom, rather than a burden. The vegan dinners were pretty and tasty. Our waiter was knowledgeable and supportive of our son. He even gave him a hug at the end!

For lunch, our son usually hit the Mexican place and had a few black bean burritos; vegan teenage boys eat a lot! There was also a stirfry place that had tofu.

As for the tours, one was very supportive and had plenty of options while the other was not understanding of vegan folks. Our family and another veggie family talked to the Cruise Director and he was so appalled that they refunded our money and dealt with it with genuine concern.

All in all, our son was worried he would starve; however, he ate very well. Tell the head waiter you're vegan as soon as you board. We did and as a result had a vegan dinner for us that first night.

Taffy G., via VRG blog

Enjoying Vegetarian Journal

I have been buying Vegetarian Journal at my local health food store for six months now and I enjoy it very much!

I love the Nutrition Hotline page by Reed Mangels and the personal accounts by contributors about experiences in the vegan world. My favorite section is the Scientific Update. I really appreciate seeing summaries of scholarly research articles. I love Nancy Berkoff's column as well; she is so clear and unfancy. It's wonderful!

Vegetarian Action is another great section. I also like the paper you print on and the fact that the journal has no advertising. I can tell from reading Vegetarian Journal that The Vegetarian Resource Group interns have a good experience and are valuable to you, and that is so good to see!

In short, I love the magazine and the caring, low-key vibe coupled with excellent, accessible information. So last night I decided it was time to subscribe for two years (and I am looking forward to reading Simply Vegan).

Lynn B., via e-mail