Veggie Meals in (or near!) National Parks

By Casey Brown and Heather Francis, Vegetarian Resource Group Interns

In conjunction with the 100th year anniversary of The National Park Service, over the past couple of months, we have been contacting the United States National Parks in hopes of finding out whether or not the parks offer vegetarian/vegan meals.

Over the course of the project we found most National Parks don't have any vegan options for their park services. What we discovered were convenience stores and snack shacks for many visitors to stop by as they are traveling through the parks. Most convenience stores contain trail mix, nuts, and various fruit selections for vegans and vegetarians alike. Since most don't have options, we have compiled a list of the National Parks with neighboring veg-friendly restaurants (if there are any). For the parks that do contain veg-friendly options, we added them to the list as well.

Although the list is ongoing, and has taken two months to put together, it hasn't been especially difficult to reach these parks. The park rangers and staff working for the National Park Service have been very receptive to answering our questions about whether or not their park has vegetarian and vegan options.

Overall, our best advice to those visiting a National Park is to bring your own food and beverages. There are many picnic areas available at each park to stop at when you're hungry. Also, it will be a stress-free way of traveling to the National Parks in addition to saving money by not eating out. Of course, you can also dine at one of the nearby restaurants we mention.

This information is excerpted from the complete article, which can be found online here:

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

The lodge at Bryce Canyon Restaurant
contains vegan options on their menu with a Gardein Chicken substitute for lunch/dinner.
1 Lodge Way Hwy 63, Bryce, UT

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


Crater Lake Lodge Dining Room
Two options offered for dinner that are vegan: Roasted Portobello and a Vegetable Pasta Dish
Rim Village Café
Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, and Snack items available for purchase
Annie Creek Restaurant
Limited vegan options (Veggie Burger and Tofu Stir-Fry available, along with a salad bar)

Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

The Morino Grill
located beside the Denali Visitor Center offers soups and salads, and some are vegan.
Restaurants with Vegan Options in the Area:
Prospector's Pizza
Milepost 238.9, Parks Highway, Denali, AK 99577 (Vegan pizza available)

Joshua Tree National Park, California

They do not have any services in the park, such as gas, food, or water.

Joshua Tree Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly Restaurants:

Crossroads Cafe
61715 Twentynine Palms Highway
Joshua Tree Health Foods Store
61673 Twentynine Palms Highway
Natural Sisters Cafe
61695-B Twentynine Palms Highway
Joshua Tree Farmers Market
61690 Twentynine Palms Highway
Royal Siam Cuisine
61599 Twentynine Palms Highway
Sue's Health Foods Store
56840 Twentynine Palms Highway