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VRG’s College Scholarship in The Wall Street Journal

Posted on April 16, 2010 by The VRG Blog Editor

Yesterday VRG’s college scholarship, and one of our 2009 scholarship winners, was profiled in The Wall Street Journal article “If You’re a Tall Vegan Named Zolp, Your Tuition Worries Are Over“.

The WSJ writes:

Claire Askew, 19, of Lenexa, Kan., had fallen in love with Lewis & Clark during a family trip to Portland, Oregon. But even with generous financial aid from the school, she figured “there was no way” she could afford the annual tuition and fees of about $45,000.

Each night she prowled the Internet for college cash. After sending off several applications and essays, she scored $4,000 from the Potawatomi Indian tribe, of which she is a member. She also managed to impress the Vegetarian Resource Group, a nonprofit educational organization that awarded her $5,000 for a book she had written in high school about being a teenage vegan.

Having a green palate wasn’t enough, stresses Jeannie McStay, outreach coordinator for the group, which provides two scholarships a year. The funds, she says, come from an anonymous donor who wants to reward applicants who have promoted vegetarianism at school or in their community.

Click here to read more about Claire and Ryne Poelker, our 2009 scholarship winners.

Click here to learn more about our college scholarship, and to download the application form.

1 to “VRG’s College Scholarship in The Wall Street Journal”

  1. LOL, I wish I was a “vegan named Zolp”! I wish I could go back into the future and tell my mother to name me “Zolp”, as free college tuition is always a good thing; at least in my eyes…


    Tommy Anderson

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