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VRG Foodservice Bulletin Board

This bulletin board allows you to discuss any aspect of vegetarian foodservice. Do you want to ask questions about how to get vegetarian food into your college cafeteria? Do you want to discuss what works and what doesn't work when creating quantity recipes? Share your thoughts or ask your questions here. The Vegetarian Resource Group's Foodservice Coordinator, Nancy Berkoff, R.D., D.Ed. will answer your questions.

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Message Subjects

vegetarian foods
vegatarian restaurant in New Orleans
Vegan Food Service Products
Juice Bars in Atlanta
healthy fast food
vegan school breakfast and lunch
Network in October
Jain food beliefs and emotions
food service vegetarian baked beans
retreat/resort chef available
dog food
Vegan Bakery Apprenticeship in UK
Are you looking for a Good Vegetarian Chef?
Re: Quantity Recipes Needed!!!!!!!!!
Quantity Recipes Needed!!!!!!!!!
Re: vegetarism - just a modern movement?
vegetarism - just a modern movement?
Casual Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant 4 Sale
Dance Camp Cook Needed
Summer Camp Cook
NYC Vegetarian Chef postion wanted - private or commercial
Job Opportunity
Re: vegetarian culinary school
vegetarian culinary school
Re: McDonalds in Singapore
Vegan burger for McDonald's
vegan chef needs job !!
re: aspiring culinarian
re: veggies in sixth grade
aspiring culinarian
re: college food
Vegies in 6th grade?
college foods
re: College food - Introducing Vegetarian Food into Institutions
re: College food

Posted By:jennie    email:

Subject: vegetarian foods

how many vegetarian foods/dishes are in the supermarkets today? thank you
Sun Nov 10 13:58:29 2002 GMT

Posted By:shari    email:

Subject: vegatarian restaurant in New Orleans

I'm loking for a veratarian restaurant in New Orleans. We keep kosher, but will eat in a meat free, dairy free, fish free restaurant. Do you know anything in New Orleans? Thank you
Tue Oct 15 02:13:08 2002 GMT

Posted By:John Gaudio    email:

Subject: Vegan Food Service Products

Hello to all,

I am a vp of sales for a specialty food distributor in the Boston area. We've recenlty picked up a line of completely vegan heat and serve food service products.

I have had great success with the products at the college level and would like to stir up more interest in the line any and all inquiries would be welcome! These products are excellent and have a very attractive price point.

I would be happy to provide you all with more information!
Mon Sep 23 20:28:12 2002 GMT

Posted By:Lori    email:

Subject: Juice Bars in Atlanta

Does anyone know how I can get a list of organic juice bar locations in the Atlanta, GA area? Thanks! Lori
Tue Sep 17 15:52:42 2002 GMT

Posted By:Alfred    email:

Subject: healthy fast food

Dear Vegetarian Resource Group,

While researching the market for healthy fast food in California, I came across the "2000 California High School Fast Food Survey" which pointed me to your and other vegetarian advocacy programs.

As my intention is to start a chain of vegetarian fast food restaurants in Southern California, I would like to know about any initiatives The Vegetarian Resource Group might have / know about to support a vegetarian, healthy food establishment.

Best regards, Alfred Ricci
Thu Sep 5 21:38:05 2002 GMT

Posted By:yvette walker    email:

Subject: vegan school breakfast and lunch

I would like to get information about resources that would allow me to implement vegan breakfasts and lunches that meet the federal requirements for the school breakfast and lunch program.
Thu Sep 5 04:37:23 2002 GMT

Posted By:Seymour Koblin    email:

Subject: Network in October

Dear Friends, I am a school director in San Diego CA USA, Instructor of Macrobiotics Zen-touch Shiatsu, Author of Shaping Our Destiny, The Art of Zen-Touch, and Food For Life. I am visitng Moscow and Odessa October 24th and would love the opportunity to connect, teach, network etc. Any Suggestions?- Blessings Seymour Koblin
Fri Aug 16 05:01:43 2002 GMT

Posted By:J Redden    email:

Subject: macrobiotics

Does anyone know of a macrobiotic cooking school in Maryland, Virginia or DC?
Wed Jul 31 17:52:42 2002 GMT

Posted By:Krithika    email:

Subject: Jain food beliefs and emotions

Hi there, I am looking for information(articles/books/website) on the scientific rationale behind jain food beliefs &its influences on emotions. Appreciate your valuable inputs in advance.Thank you very much. Krithika
Sat Jul 13 17:14:55 2002 GMT

Posted By:Laurie Weakley    email:

Subject: food service vegetarian baked beans


A local co-op has offered our small non-profit a fundraising opportunity. We'll prepare picnic foods their patrons as a mid-week fundraiser. The market is known for their support of local organic farmers and many are vegetarian so we want a vegan menu.

However, because the event is mid-week and most of our supporters will be working that day, we may not be able to prepare all the dishes ourselves.

We are considering food service sized cans of baked beans but have unable to acquire them locally. It is a small, one time order. I'm probably not looking in the right place? Can anyone point me to a food distributor or restaurant supply house that would be able to supply vegatarian baked beans - 1 case - on a one-time basis?

Thank you for your help and thanks also for the very helpful web site.
Wed Jun 12 19:12:56 2002 GMT

Posted By:joshua grabowsky    email:

Subject: retreat/resort chef available

I am a talented and experienced young chef with a love for organic foods. I come highly recommended from several establishments, including yoga centers, zen buddhist retreat centers, and private clients. Contact me if you would like a resume sent. Blessings joshua
Sun May 19 05:14:55 2002 GMT

Posted By:Jade    email:

Subject: dog food

Is there brands of dog food that doesn't hurt animals in the process of making it? If so where can I buy it?
Sun Mar 10 21:20:39 2002 GMT

Posted By:Iantha    email:

Subject: Vegan Bakery Apprenticeship in UK

Hi. I'm interested in becoming an apprentice with a vegan baker in the UK. Does anyone know of a directory of vegan bakeries, or -- better still -- a baker looking for an assistant? Are there any culinary institutes in the UK that specialize in vegan cooking/baking? Thanks for your help.
Wed Dec 12 18:49:54 2001 GMT

Posted By:Boris    email:

Subject: Are you looking for a Good Vegetarian Chef?

I am a fully qualified chef with 14 years International five star experience. I have Australian Residency, a US Green Card and European Citizenship so work permits are not a problem. At the moment I am based in Perth Australia but am willing to relocate. E mail me for more information. Boris
Sat Dec 1 02:21:23 2001 GMT

Posted By:Virato    email:


We are seeking a chef for a posh restaurant to open in Moscow, Russia this coming spring. Perhaps you can help by letting others know of this request. Where would you suggest we place this announcement? Thank you...

Here are the qualifications:

1. Applicant must be prepared to relocate to Moscow, Russia. Moscow is truly a cosmopolitan city of over 14 million people. It is more dynamic than New York City, with all its amenities, yet a cost of living that is considerably less.

2. Applicant must be single, adventurous, young, talented and able to handle a kitchen staff for a seating of between 40 and 75 people. The food must be truly sensuous, exotic and erotic. The theme of the restaurant will be Tantric, and it will be called "Restaurant Tantra."

3. Applicant need not have a long work history, yet must be able to handle the job from purchasing (internationally) to presentation.

4. Salary is negotiable, and applicant will be flown to Moscow at the restaurant's expense.

Cordially, Virato
Wed Oct 3 12:39:14 2001 GMT

Posted By:Davida Gypsy Breier    email:

Subject: Re: Quantity Recipes Needed!!!!!!!!!

Hi Kristin,

You should find a bunch here:

Follow the links to the issues of Foodservice Update, there should be at least one recipe per issue online.
Wed Aug 22 18:26:35 2001 GMT

Posted By:kristin    email:

Subject: Quantity Recipes Needed!!!!!!!!!

I am taking a qty. foods class for my dietetic tech degree, and I am having problems finding vegetarian standardized recipes. If anyone has ANY recipes for 75, please let me know. As a student, I don't have time or money to expand normal recipes to taste test them.

Thanks so much!!!! -Kristin
Wed Aug 22 14:31:23 2001 GMT

Posted By:Davida Gypsy Breier    email:

Subject: Re: vegetarism - just a modern movement?

Hi Mandy,

Vegetarianism goes back thousands of years, if not longer. The term “vegetarian” was first used in 1847. Prior to that, vegetarians in western cultures were referred to as “Pythagoreans,” after the ancient Greek philosopher who advocated vegetarianism. The history of vegetarianism across the globe depends on cultural ideologies. Some cultures have a long-standing tradition of vegetarianism, while others still consider it an oddity. There are several books that offer some of the history, including A Heretic’s Feast, by Colin Spencer and The Vegetarian Sourcebook, by Keith Akers. The International Vegetarian Union website has a nice overview of the history of vegetarianism throughout the world at
Fri Aug 10 18:15:38 2001 GMT

Posted By:Mandy    email:

Subject: vegetarism - just a modern movement?

thats the title of a discourse I´ve got to write for school. I don´t find much information on this and my sources are only thing I asked from other vegetarians. So, I´m asking you: do you think that vegetarism is only a modern movement? Is it kind of trend or are there much more deeper roots? thank you in advance :-)
Mon Aug 6 09:02:59 2001 GMT

Posted By:Meredith Love    email:

Subject: Casual Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant 4 Sale

A mostly organic veggie restaurant located in the NC mountains is just waiting for a vegetarian buyer to take it to the next level. It's a profitable lunch and dinner restaurant in a growing mountain town college community. A wonderful atmosphere compliments their incredibly delicious recipes. Sellers will provide financing with $50K down. Contact Meredith for more details, please.
Mon Jul 23 16:33:10 2001 GMT

Posted By:Lee Auerbach    email:

Subject: Dance Camp Cook Needed

The Southern California Dance Collective is looking for a professional cook for our Fall Dance Camp, November 1-4, in Glendale, California. The person we're looking for has experience preparing creating, nutritious vegetarian meals for groups of 150 persons or more, and is comfortable working with rotating crews of inexperienced volunteer kitchen helpers. Compensation negotiable. If you are or know of such a person, please call me at 213/896-6651 or e-mail me at the above address.
Fri Jun 29 04:30:01 2001 GMT

Posted By:Eugene Bell    email:

Subject: Summer Camp Cook

Northeastern Pennsyalvania sleepaway camp for ADD/ADHD/LD campers seeks cook for preperation of vegetarian entrees and soups. Prior food service experience helpful. Modern kitchen, friendly atmosphere. Good wage plus room and board. For details call 1-877-270-2011, fax resume to 1-845-358-5612 or visit
Thu May 17 20:20:48 2001 GMT

Posted By:Louis    email:

Subject: NYC Vegetarian Chef postion wanted - private or commercial

I am a vegetarian/vegan chef looking for employment, either as a private/home chef or in a commercial establishment.

Currently, I am employed as head chef and baker for a small chain of organic juice bars in NYC. I have been cooking professionally since 1992. I began my culinary career as a vegan pastry chef/baker and worked myself up to the head chef position, overseeing both the cooking and pastry areas.

I graduated from the chef's training program of the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in NYC in December 1991.

Please contact me via e-mail if you require additional information or would like a copy of my resumé.

Thank you.
Mon Feb 5 22:53:36 2001 GMT

Posted By:Drew Nelson    email:

Subject: Re: GMO

Dear Dee,

A great site for the info you are looking for is the Mothers for Natural Law website at:

Thanks and let me know if you need anything else.

Tue Jan 23 19:44:22 2001 GMT

Posted By:Ananda Ashram

Subject: Job Opportunity

Live-In Vegetarian Chef / Kitchen Manager Wanted

Ananda Ashram, the country retreat center for the Yoga Society of New York, Inc., is looking for a mature, responsible and experienced person with a background and active interest in spiritual, inner growth to serve as a full-time live-in kitchen manager. The person should have developed leadership ability based on good management, interpersonal and teamwork skills and have sound nutritional knowledge in planning and preparing vegetarian meals for groups up to 100 people. The person will require an understanding of and affinity for the ashram's spiritual and philosophical roots. A car is helpful.

Job responsibilities include:

1. Menu planning and preparation 2. Food ordering 3. Coordinating staff work schedules 4. Determining staffing needs 5. Promoting a spirit of teamwork, cooperation and service

The Ashram offers as compensation:

1. $400 a month stipend 2. Room and Board 3. Meditation, Vedantic Studies, Hatha Yoga and Sanskrit classes 4. Cultural performances and discounts on workshops 5. A beautiful, natural and quiet rural environment for spiritual study

Please fax your resume, references and a cover letter to:

Ananda Ashram Fax#: 845-782-9128 Attention: Human Resources

or mail your materials to:

Ananda Ashram Human Resources Department 13 Sapphire Road Monroe, NY 10950

For information on Ananda Ashram call 845-782-5575 or go to our website at
Fri Jan 19 20:04:04 2001 GMT

Posted By:Dee Brady    email:

Subject: GMO

Looking for information on the dangers of food grown with GMO's (growth hormones).

Can anyone help?
Fri Jan 19 03:19:57 2001 GMT

Posted By:Davida Gypsy Breier    email:

Subject: Re: vegetarian culinary school

Hi Sarah,

There are three that we know of. They are in Denver, CO, New York, NY and Seattle, WA.

The Natural Gourmet Cookery School
48 W. 21st St.; 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 645-5170

Naturally Grand; Junction Cooking School
2837 Elm Ave.
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(800) 833-2011

Institute for Culinary Awakening
Registration and Information:
(505) 466-4597
7 Ave Vista Grande, #316
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Some schools might focus on macrobiotic cooking, which wouldn't be strictly vegetarian (i.e. fish), but would probably be amenable to a vegetarian curriculum. If you are outside of those areas you could ask local culinary schools offering whether they veggie courses. Some will accommodate vegetarians, This kind of piecemeal coursework probably would not lead to a certificate or degree. According to Chef Nancy Berkoff, "My suggestion is to hook up with a veggie chef and apprentice with him or her (you can coordinate this with the American Culinary Federation's apprenticeship program.) You and your chef would have to agree to meet the hours and the topics outlined by the ACF, with several supplemental courses given at area community colleges."

Thanks for writing - please let us know if you need anything else.

Davida The VRG
Wed Jan 10 20:16:14 2001 GMT

Posted By:sarah    email:

Subject: vegetarian culinary school

I am interested in vegetarian culinary school. Does anyone know of any schools in the us besides new york? thanks for all your help. sarah
Sun Jan 7 23:52:03 2001 GMT

Posted By:Davida Gypsy Breier    email:

Subject: Re: McDonalds in Singapore

Hi Vadivu,

I'm sorry, but I'm unaware of import information for the Singapore area. Perhaps contacting McDonald's to see what type of response they would need to see in order to institute a menu change would help set some goals for your petition. Their website is:

Here's the page for Singapore: McDonalds- Singapore

Good luck! Davida The VRG
Tue Jan 2 14:10:16 2001 GMT

Posted By:Vadivu Govind    email:

Subject: Vegan burger for McDonald's

Hi there,

I’m writing from Singapore. A few of us would like to get a veggie burger into McDonald’s here. We’d like to get an online petition going to show that there is consumer demand. I’d also like to suggest which burgers can be used that (1)are vegan (2) do not have onions or garlic as the Buddhist vegetarians here do not consume onions and garlic (3) taste great (4) are reasonably priced. I’d like to provide McDonald’s import information also, from the nearest source. Can anyone help with all this information? There are many veg burger companies listed in your website but it would save us a lot of time writing to each of them.

Are there any other suggestions you have on what can be included in the letter to McDonald’s or what else we can do in this campaign effort?

Thanks very much, Vadivu
Mon Dec 25 07:15:23 2000 GMT

Posted By:Michelle    email:

Subject: vegan chef needs job !!

Hello, I just graduated from the natural gourmet cookery school in NYC in their chef training program, and I'm looking for a job for myself. I'd prefer to do vegan cooking, but would do dairy. I'm looking to move myself out of this city and preferably out west. I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything that could help me out? Thank you for any information, have a good day!
Sun Oct 29 17:34:56 2000 GMT

Posted By:David    email:

Subject: recipes

Want online vegetarian recipes? Got some recipes to share with the rest of us? Check the vegetarianworld recipe exchange at Thank you!
Tue Oct 3 16:51:13 2000 GMT

Posted By:Nancy Berkoff/Dar Veverka    email:

Subject: re: aspiring culinarian

Dear Chef Mel:

My name is Nancy Berkoff and I am both an RD (registered dietititan) and CEC (certified executive chef). I also happen to be a consultant for VRG!

Yes, there are chefs out there dedicated to vegetarian cuisine (some because of philosophy and some because the customer wants it)- either way a vegetarian chef competed in the last culinary olympics in Germany. His name is Ron Picarski, and his website is at

As a culinary student you must master the basics of all cuisines (seasonings, cooking styles, etc) and then apply them to veggie cuisine. I believe that the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta recently put in some upscale veggie items- contact the chef there and speak with him.

You might write a letter to the editor of the Culinary Review ( ACF) and to CHEF (Talcott Publishing, Chicago)asking for people to respond to you, as well as writing to the Culinary Institute of America and asking about their healthy cuisine courses (they include veggie info). Better yet, form a club or organization within your school and invite veggie chefs ( there must be some in Buckhead) to give demos. Let me know how these ideas work and then we can think of more!

Happy cooking:
Tue Nov 24 13:00:24 1998 GMT

Posted By:Davida Breier    email:

Subject: re: veggies in sixth grade

Hi Ava, In order to help answer your inquiry, there are several questions I need to ask:

If your school is reimbursed by the United States Dept. of Agriculture, there are regulations the school has to follow.

Are you a parent or part of the food service at the school? Are you teaching a class or classes about a vegetarian menu or are you trying to get the foodservice to change?

Please email me back with the specifics of the situation and I can provide you with more help and information.

We do have some basic information for you. We publish a hand-out, Tips for Introducing Vegetarian Food into Institutions. It offers practical advice on how to suggest and make changes to existing menus.

We also publish a packet of information on Quantity Recipes that you might find helpful. It contains recipes and product listings for manufacturers of vegetarian foods. Some of this information is available through our Food Service Update section of our website.

I think you might also find our "Speaking to Classes About Vegetarianism" useful. If after looking over our foodservice materials, you need more help, our foodservice advisor, Nancy Berkoff, R.D., Ed.D., may be of assistance. She can answer questions concerning recipes and foodservice information. I hope this is helps you introduce vegetarian foods to your school.
Tue Nov 24 12:54:23 1998 GMT

Posted By:Mel Daniels    email:

Subject: aspiring culinarian

Hello! This is my first time visiting this site. I'm currently attending culinary school in Atlanta, Ga and I'm hoping to eventually open my own vegetarian restaurant. How realistic is this? Is there anyone out there with with words of wisdom? Are there any organizations besides the ACF that might be able to "cater" to my particular needs? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to talking to "ya'll".---Mel
Thu Nov 19 02:55:13 1998 GMT

Posted By:Dar Veverka    email:

Subject: re: college food

Hi Tamara-

Many of the larger companies like Sodexho, Marriott, & ARA have worked with vegetarian food at individual campuses. I have a listing of colleges w/veggie & vegan options that may be helpful for you to give your dining services.

We also have a list on this website of companies offering institutional size veggie products.

There is a catering company that does veggie food for the U of M College Park Hillel group that may be able to help, too. Contact Roz's Place at (301) 929-2011.

We also can put you in contact with a couple from the U of Connecticut that just did a presentation at the Nat'l Assn. of College & University Food Services on veggie/vegan food. Let me know if that would be helpful.
Thu Nov 5 20:35:34 1998 GMT

Posted By:Avaria    email:

Subject: Vegies in 6th grade?

How do you go about presenting the idea of a vegetarian lunch menu in an elementary school?

Mon Nov 2 21:41:03 1998 GMT

Posted By:Tamara Dunlap    email:

Subject: college foods

Is there a specific company that caters to vegetarian foods that has worked at other universities. I think that the dining services would be more open to my suggestions if I had some company that they could research. My attempts at having a vegetarian menu at the Univ. of Maryland at College Park have failed so far.
Sat Sep 19 21:21:43 1998 GMT

Posted By:Stephanie Schueler    email:

Subject: re: College food - Introducing Vegetarian Food into Institutions


Also check out especially the Quantity Recipes at if you would like to help your school to meet your needs.

I sometimes eat at Valparaiso University in Indiana, and they are quite veggy-friendly.
Good luck at your school!
Mon Aug 24 00:59:05 1998 GMT

Posted By:Nancy Berkoff    email:

Subject: re: College food

Hi Heather-

As a vegetarian who needs to exclude dairy you will have to choose wisely from a cafeteria menu. Have you sat down with the head of dining services, or who ever is ultimately responsible for designing menus? You need to be informational with dining services: develop a list of foods that you can eat, explain particular foods that you can't eat ( for example, list "vegetables prepared with butter" or "salad dressings prepared with buttermilik," rather than just saying "dairy foods"- you've got to provide details). Perhaps provide them with info from the VRG,etc. You would be surprised, sometimes, how difficult food service people think it is ( and how much time it takes) to include vegetarian foods. Be concrete in your suggestions. For example, "It would benefit the vegetarian students if you could provide some of the following at each meal: cooked beans, lentils or garbanzos ( or veggie food made with these), tofu, peanut or almond butter, fruit preserves and non-dairy margarine, vegetables and soups prepared without butter or milk,etc." But remember, you need to make it easy, so be prepared to give information.

I don't know the size of your school, but an individual dining hall manager may not have the ability to make any changes. Depending on the set-up of your school, there may be a Dean of Student Services who can assist you.

While you "educate" dining services, you still need to eat! Have you checked to see if their is a vegetarian group on campus? I am assuming that school policy requires you to have a meal contract. If not, depending on cooking facilities, you may have to do your own cooking for a semester. Have you checked to see if their are any groups on campus that offer meals? What comes to mind from my college days are a Seventh Day Adventist Group that offered meals, and a Hillel that offered kosher meals with a vegetarian option.

If you need to eat with dining services for a while until you are able to get some veggie options provided, you may have to supplement their offerings with some of your own ingredients- even without refrigeration, you can store canned beans, peanut butter, aseptically -packaged tofu,whole grain crackers and breads, nuts, etc. Not the best solution, but you need to be sure to eat adequately.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes for you.
Tue Aug 18 20:43:34 1998 GMT

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