Letters to the Editors

Houston-Area Veg Group Shows Gratitude for VRG Materials

Thank you so much for sending me such wonderful literature to use for our group's outreach! I'm always impressed by how generous VRG is with supplying outreach materials and have enclosed a year-end donation to help further your efforts and to express my gratitude. Best wishes to you and the VRG staff in the New Year! I look forward to working with you for future outreach supply requests. Thanks again!!!

Kristen O.
Katy, TX

Simply Vegan Helps New Vegetarians Around the World

Some years ago, I searched for information about the vegan lifestyle and also purchased your signature book, Simply Vegan.

VRG was so helpful in answering my question-filled e-mails, and Simply Vegan was really useful as both a nutritional guide and recipe book. My sister was especially excited about the desserts section often omitted by vegan cookbooks.

A few days ago, a removalist dropped some furniture off, and he noticed Simply Vegan sitting on my shelf. He mentioned that his daughter had recently turned vegetarian, and he had no idea how to ensure she stayed healthy or where to get information. So, of course, I gave him my copy of Simply Vegan and your website.

In appreciation for the information you provide, which is both useful and great to share, I just made a donation to your site. You don't need to send me the Journal. (Being in Australia, the postage is probably ridiculous, and I'm sure the trees'would appreciate one less paper product.) I'm just happy to browse your site and enjoy the information within. Thanks,

Carol M.
Sydney, Australia

Note: You can purchase Simply Vegan by calling us at (410) 366-8343 or by visiting our catalog.