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"A Hunter's Guide to His Vegetarian Daughter and His Vegan Son"


2013 Video Contest Winners


By Noam Lautman

Noam Lautman is a winner of The Vegetarian Resource Group video contest. He stated, "I became interested in vegetarianism when I was about 10 years old. My uncle and his family took me to an upscale fish restaurant where they ordered lobster on a bed of rice. I had never seen such a thing before, and it was quite a shock to see a whole lobster sitting there, just as advertised, on a bed of rice. I could hardly look at it and went to eat at another table. Later my father told me that to cook a lobster, people buy it live and dump it in boiling water. That was my introduction to trying to eat in a more humane manner."



By Sienna Scheid

Sienna Scheid is a winner of The Vegetarian Resource Group video contest. She stated, "I'm interested in vegetarianism because of the wastefulness of meat processing. I'm very environmentally conscious and I can't stand how much energy and water is put into producing even the smallest amount of meat."



by Alexia Lamb

Alexia Lamb is a winner of The Vegetarian Resource Group video contest. Alexia stated,
"I have been a vegetarian for nine years, and it has honestly made me a happier and healthier person. I have been introduced to new things, new people and new experiences. It has made me feel better about myself and my environment, and become a big part of my identity. Because of all this, I love sharing my vegetarianism with others, while encouraging them to give it a try too! Let's hope the video can also speak for itself on why I'm so interested in vegetarianism. :)"



By Kevin Guyer

Kevin Guyer is a winner of The Vegetarian Resource Group video contest. Kevin stated,
"I believe strongly in the ethical, health, environmental aspects of veganism. I also love vegan food!"



By Jordan Banafsheha

Jordan Banafsheha is a winner of The Vegetarian Resource Group video contest. Jordan stated, "Part of living in America is respecting various perspectives. By creating my humorous music video I hope to educate the public about a lifestyle I believe respects our planet."


2012 Video Contest Winners

Bedtime story for vegetarian kids, Tofu Tiger


Veggie Propaganda


Biti zdrav / Being healthy

Biti zdrav / Being healthy from Anja Perse on Vimeo.


Eat Drink Explore Interview

Screen capture of EatDrinkExplore skype interview

John, VRG's Consumer Research Manager, interviewed by Randol White at Eat Drink Explore about tips for new vegetarians as part of their Vegetarian Challenge Week.


Shifra Lerer, Comedienne, Makes Mock Chopped Liver In Funny Yiddish Video


Other Videos



Justin Timberlake created an unlikely sensation when he debuted a singing, rapping cup ‘o soup character who tormented a Salvation Army Santa with the catchphrase “give it on up to Homelessville.”

Tonight, the character was back, this time as a giant piece of tofu, horning in on the turf of a sausage salesmen and professing his love of all things vegan by singing “bring it on down to Veganville” to top off each song.

His performances ran the gamut, through parodies of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” (“Brown Rice Baby” and Rihanna’s “We Found Love” (“…In A Meatless Place”). Given the costume, there was only one place the sketch could end up. You guessed it: the “Harlem Shake,” or in this case the “Vegan Shake.”

Watch video, via NBC


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