Letters to the Editors

VRG Materials Help Teen Fight Animal Auctions, Get Veggie Food into School

Hi, Jeannie!

My town has a fair every year that takes place right before Labor Day. I can't stand the fair because they auction off the animals, and you have to see them going into the butcher trucks. In fact, the fair was the final step in convincing me to become a vegetarian about three years ago.

Anyway, thank you so much for the pamphlets and all of your help! I was really, really excited to see the huge package sitting on my front steps! It has been absolutely wonderful! I'm hoping to pass out pamphlets to people leaving the animal auction the first night of the fair, along with the rest of the week. It's really upsetting to see, so I'm hoping people will be receptive. Also, the literature is great because I can give different pamphlets out to different people based upon their interests.

Thank you for your other ideas about spreading the word! I'm planning on hosting a vegetarian/ vegan dinner at my school to show people you can have a great meal without eating meat.

I'm also going to use some of your pamphlets to give to the cooks at our school. I set up a meeting with them last year to add more vegetarian food, and they were relatively receptive, but I think the information you sent me will help a lot. I'm planning on meeting with them again in September. Thanks again!

Elisa P.,
via e-mail

Thanks for Those Renal Patient Recipes!

In response to Issue 4, 2009, of Vegetarian Journal:

Thank you for your recent article, "Menu Selection for Vegan Renal Patients." My husband has a kidney transplant now, but when he was on dialysis, there was a definite lack of literature and recipes for a renal diet. While we are not strict vegetarians (Don't hate us!), we enjoyed the article and the recipes that were included. Very well-written! We truly appreciate the fact that you have recognized that there are different diets and nutrition needs for renal patients.

Diane C.,
via e-mail

Note: This article is available at www.vrg.org under the "Food Service" section.