More Veggie Options Appearing on Restaurant Chain Menus

Pie Five Pizza has Rolled out Daiya Classic Blend (vegan) Shreds at Pie Five Restaurants Nationwide

According to their website, under the question: "Are your crusts vegan/vegetarian?"

Some are:

Whole Grain ThinVegan
Crispy Artisan ThinVegan
Classic PanVegetarian (contains milk)
Gluten FreeVegan

Our sauces are vegan, except for Alfredo, Buffalo Ranch, and Ranch which are vegetarian.

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The Flame Broiler Offers an Organic Tofu Bowl

The Flame Broiler announced that they added a new vegetarian option to their menu. The organic tofu bowl can be purchased with or without white or brown rice.

For ingredient information of their sauces, See:

Yard House

Advertises a Vegan Burger

Burger ingredients are listed as: red quinoa, kale, shiitakes, Daiya (vegan) mozzarella, avocado, tomato, arugula, onion, miso, onion bun, mixed greens

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