The VRG's Maryland Newsletter by Mary H.
December 2012 Part 1




Donation Request: Tabling Materials

In 2012, aside from sending brochures and materials to other groups
and activists, The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) hosted over 30 of
our own outreach booths across the country. This is thanks to support
from people like you and our national volunteers. Next year we hope
to match the enthusiasm and continue this vital process!

Representing The VRG and participating at tabling events takes
planning and allocating resources. The real cost of a booth ranges
from $400 for a local community event to upwards of $10,000 for a
national conference. We find it worthwhile to spend the time and
energy because of educating the public and making vegan life-changing
resources available to people who need them.

The contributions of our supporters have lasting impact; such as the
nutrition information given to college students who visited our booth
last spring at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Veg Fest,
or the eco-minded crowd at Chicago Green Fest, or the dietitians who
attend the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo. Today you can make a
donation that will push our efforts forward into 2013.

Here are a few ways your gift can go towards The VRG's outreach:

$50 -- Pays for registration at a local community event such as the
Childhood Obesity Awareness Fair or the Twin Cities Vegetarian

$100 - Buys 2 digital email entry devices to sign-up people who visit
VRG's booth for our email newsletters

$200 -- Buys a screen printed table cloth with The VRG logo

$350 -- Pays for non-profit registration for an animal rights
conference such as Taking Action for Animals.

$500 -- Prints and Ships 250 copies of Vegetarian Journal for a dietetic

$5,000 -- Enrolls donor in The VRG's Circle of Compassion

The VRG works year round to continue our presence in the community,
distributes information, and makes it easier to live healthy lives.
We hope you can support The VRG's outreach. Thank you!

To donate, visit:
[ ]
Call: 410-366-8343. Write: The VRG, P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203

Thank You!!


By: Mary H

For 31 years The Vegetarian Resource Group has hosted a community
pre-Thanksgiving vegan potluck. Attended by volunteers, supporters of
The Group, friends, family and new faces, this year's potluck on
Sunday November 18th brought together vegetarians, vegans, and people
flirting with the lifestyle. I brought along one tall, veggie curious
friend- my boyfriend Brandon, who although has not committed to a
vegetarian lifestyle fully respects and admittedly enjoys the,
"surprisingly tasty and filling" vegan meals I put in front of him.
Intern Valerie Shore also brought along her non-vegetarian boyfriend,
Paul who is enthusiastic and outspoken about his favorite vegan dishes.
Coincidentally, the first person to come to the event, Jeannette, a
vegan, brought along her non-vegetarian neighbor Jared who grabbed
every pamphlet and article we had at the information booth.

Are you noticing the trend yet? Potlucks and community events are
great opportunities to educate, welcome, and inspire! Guests find a
wide spread of familiar ingredients put together in fresh ways and
as our experience proved, they leave satisfied and curious about
incorporating these values into their lives. If you live in the
Maryland/DC area we strongly encourage you to join us next year and
bring a non-vegetarian or non-vegan friend! Keep up with The VRG
blog for details about the 2013 potluck.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 22, The VRG had another opportunity
to influence and connect thanks to former intern and now volunteer,
Yasmin Radbod. She hosted The VRG's information table at the
Vegetarian Society of DC's Annual Life-Affirming Thanksgiving
Celebration in Bethesda, Maryland. She had a wonderful report we'd
like to share with you.

"The VSDC Thanksgiving was incredible, and it was a pleasure to
represent The VRG. I had the opportunity to meet several long-time
vegan activists, which was an honor! It was great to get to know
activists from DC and see how VSDC has grown and expanded since they
first began. It was inspiring to see that the nation's first
vegetarian society has developed so much over time and how membership
of all age groups, ethnicities, and backgrounds continues to grow.
The speakers also were wonderful, and the food was, of course,
splendid. It was a celebration for veganism on a day to be very
thankful for the other activists. How moving to see so many people
whose love for all creatures, desire to be healthy, and love of the
planet brought together."

The Thanksgiving holiday reminds us of our strong force of volunteers
who strengthen our mission, both locally and across the country. If
you are interested in volunteering please email,

To donate and support our outreach efforts please visit,
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For a limited time, order five copies of the newly released
Simply Vegan, Fifth Edition for half-price! Regularly $15.95 each
you will receive five copies for $40.00 (includes shipping).

To find more information and to order, visit our website:
[ ]

Five reasons to order today:

1. Our dietitian, Reed Mangels, PhD, RD completely updated the
nutrition information within the book.

2. The book now includes a full color vegan handout called My Vegan
Plate, an alternative to the U.S.D.A. 'My Plate'.

3. The immensely popular Simply Vegan is much more than a cookbook.

"This book truly is the Bible of veganism. I have found it to be an
indispensable reference source for combating the ignorance and
misinformation that one often encounters as an activist for health,
animals, and the environment." Quote from well-known activist.

4. Simply Vegan makes a great holiday gift for vegans, vegetarians and
anyone wanting to have a nutritionally sound, ethically responsible

5. With meal plans, recipes, nutrition information, a glossary, and
much more -- you shouldn't need another reason to add this book
to your collection!



Our health professionals, activists, and educators work with
businesses and individuals to bring about healthful changes in your
school, workplace, and community. Registered dietitians and physicians
aid in the development of nutrition-related publications and answer
member and media questions about vegetarian diets. The Vegetarian
Resource Group is a non-profit organization. Financial support comes
primarily from memberships, donations, bequests and book sales. The
VEGETARIAN JOURNAL, a print magazine, is a benefit of membership in
The VRG. (For more information, please see the VEGETARIAN JOURNAL
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