The Vegetarian Resource Group's Annual Essay Contest

Essay Contest 1st Prize $50

SUBJECT: 2-3 page essay on any aspect of vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is not eating meat, fish, and birds (for example, chicken or duck). Among the many reasons for being a vegetarian are beliefs about ethics, culture, health, aesthetics, religion, world peace, economics, world hunger, and the environment.

Entrants should base their paper on interviewing, research, and/or personal opinion. You need not be a vegetarian to enter. All essays become the property of The Vegetarian Resource Group.


  • A. Age 14-18.
  • B. Age 9-13.
  • C. Age 8 and under.

PRIZE: $50 will be awarded.

DEADLINE: Must be postmarked by May 1 for each current year of judging.

SEND ENTRIES TO: The Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203. FAX: (410) 366-8804. Include your name, address, telephone number, age, grade, school, and teacher's name.

Past Essay Winners

2016 Winner
Sakhen S. Ari
2015 Winner
Kira Horowitz
2014 Winner
Hannah Measom
2012 Winner (pg. 30)
Colin Vineberg
2011 Winners (pg. 20)
Colin Herndon
Cecelia Colchico
2010 Winners
Hannah Rappaport
Adrienne Moyer
2009 Winners
Yueyue Guo & Nicole Sands
2008 Winner
Nimai C. Agarwal
2007 Winner
Jennifer Thornburg
2006 Winner
Rebecca Sams
2004 Winners
Janee T. Vill
Nurit Brown and Natasia Kawi
2003 Winners
Keith Dachauer, Morgan Jacobs, and Kim Scott
Raine Lamb, Nikki Fiedler, and Katie Thomasset
2002 Winners
Sheela Krishnan and Genna D. McGahee
2001 Winners
Sage Newell, Nicole Guenther, and Rainey Sokol
2000 Winners
Stephanie Loeb, Sophia Magnone, and Zach Savich
1999 Winners
Gabriella Neusner, Kylie Magnuson, and Darby Ruggeri
1998 Winners
Christopher Hoeller, Jessie L. Janeshek, and Emily Clements
1996 Winners
Peter Ormand, age 13
Rachel Silverman, age 8

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