Letters to the Editors

2010 VRG Scholarship Winner Follows Up, Continues Activism

Thank you so incredibly much for sending me a copy of the Vegetarian Journal announcing my winning the VRG scholarship. My family brought it to me when they came to visit! It was so neat to see! Thank you so much again!

I am working on labeling vegetarian products here in our dining hall at Seton Hill University. I've gotten more items added. I'm also working on a vegetarian society. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you again!

Giannina G., PA

Fast Food Info Becoming More Comprehensive

I was glad to see the updates to the restaurant chain info in the recent issues of your magazine. They are much more encouraging than the earlier research, which lacked information coming from many of the chains.

The information on ingredients is becoming much more informative all of the time. It seems, for us who care about cheese enzymes, the industry is heading towards non-animal sources. (Full vegans will still have trouble with restaurants for the foreseeable future.)

Thanks to Jeanne Yacoubou and the staff for some great research, and I hope that someday this can be expanded to a fuller standalone guide, similar to what we had a decade or so ago.

Erb C., via e-mail

Note: An update about the rennet in Pizza Hut's cheeses appears on page 21 of this issue, and information about P.F. Chang's vegetarian entrées appears on page 29. You can always read the latest information about restaurant chains online at www.vrg.org/fastfoodinfo.htm.

Greetings From West Virginia!

You all at The VRG do a wonderful job in educating others regarding their food choices, and it's great to see those who are just in the beginning stages of educating themselves about their diet picking up the Vegetarian Journal. The majority of the Wheeling population is uneducated regarding this matter, and the Vegetarian Journal opens new doors and windows to so many people. Thank you and the staff for all that you do!

Rebecca G., via e-mail