Letters to the Editors

Leather Alternatives

I just wanted to let you know that I loved The Vegetarian Resource Group's online Guide to Alternatives to Leather. I have been looking for hiking boots, and I now have some great leads!

I was really thrilled to see some Canadian companies listed, too. Just love it when we Canadians are not forgotten! I also wanted to send in a testimonial for my Matt and Nat wallet/purse. It is fashionable, but I thought it was going to be too big and bulky. Actually, unlike my previous wallets, I never lose this one, and it has a little handle that allows it to fit over my bicycle handlebars. It has been one terrific wallet; the best I've had!

Finally, as a ballroom dancer, I was required to have leather-soled shoes for many ballrooms and studios. I did a search a few months ago and there are vegan ballroom shoemakers/sellers in England and the U.S. (Sadly, I didn't find anything in Canada.) I didn't keep the links, but if you want to add it to the list at some point, that may be appreciated by the ballroom dancers, salsa dancers, Argentine tango dancers, etc.

Melanie R, via e-mail

Editor's Note: We also found a U.S. company that offers vegan ballroom and Latin dance shoes. Step One Dance Shoes lists various styles of custom-made vegan ballroom shoes in different colors for men and women. Visit their website at www.steponedanceshoes.com or call (877) 719-8945.

Someday Farm B&B

Thank you very much for your recent posting of Someday Farm vegan bed and breakfast on your website. We are in our third year and love giving veg people a place to stay! I've read your magazine for many years and really appreciate what VRG accomplishes. In various ways, often inspired by you, I've been reaching out more.

I've set up a small library of cookbooks, videos, magazines, and brochures for local folk interested in changing their diet. Tonight we're hosing a vegan potluck... The veggie road feels less lonely every year.

Thank you for all you do for the animals.

Jill Campbell
Someday Farm Vegan Bed and Breakfast
Freeland, WA